Elegant 1970s Hairstyles for Women

Always, there have been some hairstyles which have become quite famous trends throughout each era in the history. Many styles nowadays, in a way or some other actually forwarded from those popular past looks.

Interestingly, there were numerous hairstyles in 70s, whereas natural and long hairdos were more common in 70’s, with girls wearing their beautiful hair straight and long with no bangs and a part. Additionally, there was the famous shag style as well.

The layered look tends to start at your head’s crown while growing thinner right at the bottom, without or with bangs. Interestingly, another hairdo of 70’s, the feathered look, consists a center part specifically with the layered hair all around your face plus lovely bounces.

Farrah Fawcett popularized the style. In this article you will learn about few 1970s hairstyles for women, of course, they do not need great maintenance and look very natural. Have a look:

1970s Hairstyles for Women

1970s Pageboy Haircuts

The page boy look, a hairstyle trend of 70’s  is ideal for medium or short hair length with bangs plus hangs right up to your ears area. The look tends to has great resemblance to that Egyptian look.

Interestingly, the hairdo is becoming in again among the younger women, it can be easily achieved through cutting your front hair in order to form bangs.

Best 1970s Pageboy Haircuts

The Shag Style

The hairdo has messy and rugged appeal. The hair is often in straight line with the chin or kept bit longer past your shoulders, generally accompanied by complete fringe grazing right across your eyebrows.

1970’s shag haircuts

70s Punk Hairstyle

The punk hairdo can be described as peculiar or unique hairstyle. This style was actually born in late 70’s, interestingly as punk rocks fashion’s part. The rock musicians usually wore punk (strange) hairstyles. Furthermore, they usually spiked and dyed their hair.

70s punk hairstyles

Seventies Afro Look

The look was basically popularized in 70’s, naturally kinky and curly textures of hair were styled in order to create considerable volume actually by combing hair out and up to produce the look which took the hair to some great new heights.

1970 Afro hairstyles

Wedge Look 1970s

The style basically features the long lengths right in front of your face which slowly taper into the shorter style at your neck’s nape in order to produce a wedge appearance.

Wedge 1970s hairstyle

Flip 1970s Hair

This hairstyle was popularized in 70’s by Mary Tyler, interestingly; the flip look became a lasting classic which features the medium hair length bob with the upturned look at your hair ends. The look can be achieved by straightening your hair, then back-comb or use rollers in order to get that flipped appearance at the bottom. Due to the approach of low maintenance, flip look tend to appeal various age groups, thus, in practice till date!

Mary Tyler 70s flip hair

1970s Feathered Shag

” Charlie Angels “, a Television program helped propel the feathered shag look into a popular trend, interestingly with males and females giving the mid length in order to actually long locks this look of feathers through curling or brushing hair back, as to frame their face. The hair can be layered plus parted in center or the side.

1970s Feathered Shag

So these were some very popular 1970s hairstyles for women which ruled the decade. Let’s hope you like them, and try out any!

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