Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are an essential part of www.stylezco.com. Before regarding the site, our viewers are required to circumspectly go through all the terms, which regard the entire material’s copyright ownership along with all the contents which run our site. Accepting to the terms below is a must once you browse our website as the policies and conditions are automatically published. The correspondence between you and our site is carefully provided in the terms and conditions as well as the Privacy policy page of www.stylezco.com therefore make sure to go through them carefully.

Availability of the Site:

  • The contents of this site are updated and its continuous availability is our top priority but it may be possible that it discontinues at any point in time, for which we shall not be held liable.
  • It is in our hold and right to hang or discontinue the website either permanently or temporarily based on our own judgment without informing prior to it.
  • Often maintenance or system failure occurs at websites that may be beyond the control of its owners, and if such a system fault causes a suspension of stylezco.com, we are not be held liable.
  • The guarantee and claim of the availability of stylezco.com is not assured by us at any period of time

Third Party Links and Advertisements:

  • Links by third party advertisement companies like Google AdSense or any others are available for a broader market forum for the users in order to facilitate them. These links are claimed by those specific companies therefore we hold no responsibility for their omissions and verifications.
  • Although the site aims for comprehensive and reliable contents, but their precision is not a part of our claim and right.
  • Amendments and modifications in the website material are possible without the need of prior notice as their rights are held by stylezo.com.
  • The contents of www.stylezco.com implies usage and recommendations of many products to its viewers in their greater interests, however this is the right of the user and we are not under any legal  contract to be held responsible if it may cause any kind of financial or physical harm.

Being a fashion, health and fitness oriented website, www.stylezco.com claims all copyrights to its images and contents; however the responsibility in crediting their sources is not practiced as these images are taken from wide spread sources. These images will be removed if someone contacts us confessing their right to it.

Amendments in the terms and conditions of www.stylezco.com is possible at any time, therefore the users are requested to go through and revise these terms on a regular basis as their ignorance will not be considered as a valid excuse.

The usage of this website assures that you have accepted the above terms and conditions. In case of not agreeing to any one of its terms, you must not use this website.