1950s Hairstyles for Long Hair: Best Vintage Styles

Managing 1950s hairstyles for long hair is a rather effortless task because charismatic hairdos in those days were free from this era’s heat styling and complications.

These eye-catching hairstyles were carried off by eminent film personalities and ideals of the 50’s although with a few tricks, these innovating beehives, teased hair, and well styled curls and waves with personalized modifications can be transformed to top vintage replicas this year.

The biggest convenience of the 50’s hairstyles is that you ladies do not have to worry about extravagant and over the top hair products and appliances. Get yourself out of the everyday rut of ponytails and buns, and get a crack at these long haired retro guidelines.

1950s hairstyles for long hair.

The Adventurous 50s Beehive

The classic beehive has always been around for years but who knew that it would emerge as the hottest trend this era with numerous celebrities sporting this look. It is by far the epitome of fashion and galore flaunted by Emma stone and Amy Adams.

How to: Create gorgeous beehive inspired height for long hair by employing a teasing comb and hairspray.

Tousle and tease up sections of your hair, securing them with bobby pins. Leave few strands of hair on either side of hair while pinning up the whole beehive by either using ‘bump its’.

50s Beehive hairstyles

Polished French Twists

A Low maintenance and ever-so classical look is by far the French twist for its sophistication and beautiful contrasts in technicality adding an extra oomph factor to your profile.

Create your own 50’s staple, celeb-inspired sexy, sweet and retro twists for the ultimate elegance.

How to: This look can only be achieved in long –length hair by rounding up hair at the back (like a bun) and then twist the tendrils horizontally, tucking them one beneath the other.

Bobby pins + Hair spray can hold the twist in place. Dazzle this look with varieties like, curling a few stands or shake things up with side bangs and tiaras for an extraordinary fancy night out!

50s long French Twists

1950s Retro Formal Haircuts

1950’s was certainly an era of numerous trend setters. Among the most phenomenal technique to dress up in gorgeous formal hairstyles of the 50’s, a roller set is your best option! Play with textures and chunky curls along with added hair accessories like a bow or tiara.

How to: The best formal voguish/vintage hairdo is by heating up some rollers and rolling big curls in strands starting from the middle back of your head crown till the ends of your hair.

Once this is done, gather your hair back in a pony tail and secure it in a way that the curls fall in a ponytail style. A big red bow will go well with this appealing hairdo!

Retro Formal 1950s Hairdos

Bandanas & Romantic Curls

Pin up hairstyles were not only applauded in the 50’s but their textures and suitability are still red carpet worthy. Curls have gracefully swept the limelight since decades and what do you know, they are still raging the fashion statements with full force and swing.

How to: Incorporate retro styled pin ups by firstly creating romantic and lose curls using either a curling iron or rollers. Main focus is to add volume to your hair sections.

Swiftly, break up your curls by loosening them further with gliding fingers. An added wonder to this hairdo is a bow like bandana worn on the top of your crown, perfect for casual days out.

1950s long Bandanas hair

Ultra feminine and entirely fashionable 1950s hairstyles for long hair have given due resurgence to this era’s top trends. Shake up the party with your vintage inspirations ladies, and flaunt your diverse hair styling techniques!

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