Summer Skin Care Tips: Useful Suggestions

Ladies, summer skin care tips are all about protecting your skin from the worst tan, pimples and all sun rays related skin problems.

Uneven complexions and dullness during this scorching heat will no more be of problem if you are ready to do your part in the daily skin care routine and look as fresh and revitalized as you do during other seasons.

Take advantage of the summers to flow in with the latest trends rather than staying in homes and missing out on all the fun.

These convenient and easy-to-do tips and tricks will keep your skin dewy and you will end up rocking  this season with your adorable summer dress and shades without worrying about your skin because we have it all covered for you.

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Summer Skin Care Tips

Topmost Tips for Vibrant Skin this summer


Make excessive use of moisturizers and exfoliators. Get rid of the dead skin cells on your body’s surface by gently exfoliating in circular motions throughout for better blood circulation as well. Make a routine of doing this 2-3 times a week for radiant skin during summers.

2-Use of lotions for Hydrated Skin

Your skin needs as much level of hydration as you do. Fruit-scented lotions will surely do the trick! Do not neglect your moisturizing routine. If necessary, employ a water-based one if you find the regular one too oily. Light absorbing lotions right after shower, seal in the moisture for the perfect summer day out.

3-Internal Hydration with H2O

Recover your body’s lost moisture and avoid headaches and dizziness by regularly replenishing your H2O intake. This helps in detoxification by maintaining the moisture level with at least 8-ounces of pure water.

This will not only help you through the harshness of the season but also soften and moisturize your skin.

4-Toners & Rose water

These two cooling agents rejuvenate your skin pores, perfect for the hot season. Rose water sprays can be done every now and then. Toners let your pores breathe and hydrate within moments of application.

5-Skin Tan Removal

Principle sign of sun damage is the sun tan, which is of much hassle among the ladies. Natural remedies like mixture of gram flour, yoghurt, and lemon will eventually even it out rather than chemical products. Scrub consisting of turmeric powder will also reverse the damage.

6-Maintain Sun Protection

Abundant use of sun screen is the main remedy for mid-daylight protection.  To ensure a safe trip outside, it is essential that you apply sunscreens 30 minutes before. As it doesn’t last always, reapply and retouch it up every few hours, proactively avoiding severe sun tans.

7-Summer Glow Facemasks

Build up a healthy glow with homemade face packs of Papaya, honey and egg white leaving it on for 15minutes. You can alternate it with a paste of milk and bananas as well.

8-Sleep and Exercise

A bonus tip and the desired results of the above techniques can be achieved through healthy diets and a minimum of 6-7 hours sleep daily! Exercise increases your metabolism and blood circulation giving you an instant fresh, glow.

Enjoy the summer with equal excitement but pay a bit attention to these summer skin care tips to preserve your glow and soft skin. Shield yourself and rejoice this season, girls!

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