1940s Hairstyles for Women: Prime Looks

1940s hairstyles for women weren’t the usual out of fashion, dull and boring looks but rather they were quite in style, perfect for bad hair days and casual day times.

The women of those times were well aware of the ‘in’ trends. Their various versions of prime hairdos mostly included up-dos and bangs with stylish hair accessories, bobby pins and loads of backcombing.

These hairstyles were just so practical and easy that you will be able to perfect the century’s look and feel with low maintenance and ever so classiness within no time.

What are you waiting you waiting for ladies? Look for your paddle brushes, hair bumps, curlers and reinvent the 1940’s style with your personal 2014 touch, flashing diversity in your glide and style.

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1940s hairstyles for women.

Reverse roll Up-do

The top rolls were glamoured by one of our gorgeous celebrities on the red carpet who easily carried this 1940’s hairdo in this century.

How to: What you need to do is to take your rollers out and roll your curls loosely towards the back from either side by making sections of the hair. Use all your hair to make a bun and place bobby pins crosswise through the rolls, pushing those outwards. Thus, showing off your beautiful face structure.

40s Reverse roll Up-do

Marilyn Monroe’s Nostalgic Hairstyle

There’s nothing much to say about this hairdo rather than sexiness and razzle-dazzle at its height. Her hairdo is famous for soft curls and waves, best for shorter hair.

How to: This hairstyle requires moose which is applied into different sections. Using hot rollers, Roll partitions of your hair crown angled towards framing your face rather than hanging down. A big curl at the top front of your forehead, placed elegantly along the side is the perfect vintage look.

Marilyn Monroe’s Nostalgic 40s Hairstyle

The Vintage Victory Rolls

Victory rolls were fiercely popular in the 1940’s due to their ease in formation. This hairstyle is still influenced through Tyra Banks and Megan Fox.

How to: Part your hair crown and section it off on either side behind your ears. From the hair hanging normally at the back, straighten one side out augmented by hair spray. Curl few big strands towards the top and inwards. You can also make greater than one roll on side of head, and in the same way repeat the process for a much flattering and electrifying hairstyle of 1940’s.

Vintage 40s Victory Rolls

Classic Rockabilly- Famous Retro Hairstyle

1940’s bewitching hairstyles include the rockabilly hairstyle for shoulder length hair with Layers cut across the forehead. This hairdo not only adds height but also gives a voluminous look due to tight curls exceptional for blowing admirer’s minds off!

How to: In creating this hairstyle, you need to have approximately 4 inches long. Commit to the rockabilly by gently combing those layers towards the top to create a pouf while the hair at the back will be curled, taking them towards the top with hair pins tucked inside to secure them. At the nape of your neck, make sure you have loose curls cascading down.

Rockabilly retro 1940s hair

Ladies, create freshness in your look by experimenting your hair crown with these top 4 1940s hairstyles for women glorified by pouts, pins and curls of such hairstyles that you would want to click snaps of!

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