Wonderful 1920’s Women Hairstyles

1920s women Hairstyles rocked the monumental and evergreen look with such gracefulness and glamour that is hardly found these days. The women of that era were grand, fashion conscience and open about their style statements therefore they did not hesitate in pouring themselves into innovative and ever so feminine hairstyles that deserved admiration throughout. Although we have been engulfed in modernistic trends but the era of the 20s can never be forgotten.

Therefore, we have managed to reinvent those stunning hairstyles in this century but summing them up into easy to recreate steps that will surely grab attention of those vintage lovers out there with the same level of bewitching styles. Ladies, give way to your retro styled hairstyle demands with the help of these guidelines for a captivating evening!

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1920s women Hairstyles

1920s Flapper Girl Waves

The 1920s were all about the wavy updos, stunning bands and hair accessories that not only seemed elegant but sophisticated. These Waves are easy to recreate once these techniques are followed. Now you ladies have a chance to flaunt those tresses into all kinds of voguish/ vintage looks you prefer with ease.

How to create:

  1. Blows dry your hair straight with a middle partition.
  2. Grab few strands together from the middle and work your way towards the top with a curling iron
  3. The main trick that is needed to be incorporated is to curl your hair around the rod and hold it there for a few more seconds.
  4. Use bobby pins to hold the curls tight as it is and let them cool down
  5. Repeat the curling process with all hair strands angled towards the front
  6. Remove the pins and brush slightly through your curls with a soft bristled brush.
  7. As the ladies of the 20s were passionate for short hair, you can fashion your long hair into a bob styled hairdo by pinning them up.
  8. Lastly, use a glamorous hairband placed just above the eye brows for a ravishing look of the 1920s women Hairstyles.

1950s Flapper Girl Waves

20s Finger waves

Thefinger waves was a classic hairstyle of the 1920s with its inspiration travelling all the way to our modern times and these hairdos are still incorporated on runways and among vintage lovers for an eye grabbing profile.

How to create:

  1. Use a setting lotion to settle your hair for suitable waves
  2. Hold one section of your hair, and use the index finger with the combination of wave setting clip to tightly score the wave in its style
  3. Continue doing this till down your hair shaft by placing wave clips with inches of space.
  4. You need to allow your lotion to set until hair dries.
  5. Remove the clips and work that retro magic!
  6. Add modernistic spice by using gem stoned hair accessories at the side of your hair for additional glam!

1920s Finger waves hair

Blunt BobsĀ 1920s women Hairstyles

Bobs were of great fashion in that era with its high end populous flaunting the easy to create blunt bob among top stunners of the 1920s women Hairstyles.

How to create:

  1. Style the front end of your bob just above the brows but the ends being even with the bottom of your ear.
  2. You can sleek your bob with a glossy look if they are straight using appropriate hair moose.
  3. Add innovations to your bob with finger waves and flaps as a typical vintage admirer!

1920s Blunt bob haircuts

Revolutionary 1920s women Hairstyles created a bang in the fashion world with its charismatic looks and eye catching styling techniques.

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