Marilyn Monroe Hairstyles – Vintage Style Hair

Marilyn Monroe hairstyles gained massive popularity as the hit singer/actress Marilyn became the most desirable woman of her century.

Her hairstyles brought a special aura around her as her blonde and alluring hairstyles beautifully complemented and framed her face.

The retro version of these glamorous celebrity hairstyles is still appreciated by many of today’s era as women these days desire to flaunt and flatter the same amount of appeal as the famous actress did.

Her style featured bewitching waves combined with pouty lips and a well-shaped sexy figure that delivered the whole package once augmented by the various versions of her hairdos.

Below are a few of these enticing versions for the layman to recreate the voguish looking Marilyn Monroe hair for women.

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Latest Marilyn Monroe Hairstyles

The Signature Look of Glamorous Waves

The most prominent look among Marilyn Monroe hairstyle featured the very feminine and appealing wave’s hairstyle which infused with her whole appearance in such an attractive way that her waves made her a style icon, making the waves her signature look.

This look among retro hairstyles has sophistication and delicacy to them which is why our present celebrities could not keep themselves from imitating this iconic look.

This sensuous hairstyle demands wide strands of hair to be curled with a large barrel curling iron or curlers.

As the curlers are removed, work with your hands to shape a wave-like pattern by using hair gel to hold the look in place.

Marilyn Monroe Glamorous Waves

Combed Back Shorter Haircut

For all you ladies who dream of wearing the same kind of delectability as in Marilyn Monroe hairstyles, then there is no better haircut to master than the very sleek combed back look of her glamorous waves alteration.

This is ideal for formal occasions as it portrays maximum boldness and confidence, as the ladies readily wear this hairdo with a large wave in the front.

The waves still glamorously beautify the back of the crown while the front is a vintage ideal icon on its own.

Marilyn Monroe Combed Back Hairstyle

Low Side Part Longer Hair

At the beginning of her career, Marilyn Monroe set the fashion and trend bar quite high as she flaunted her long hair with a low side part and glorious shine.

The wave style was still incorporated in her haircut among Marilyn Monroe hair, as the young star created a long and cascading look but still kept the shine of the hair and the charm of her appearance intact.

Marilyn Monroe Side Parted Hairstyle

Tousled yet Eye-Catching

The epitome of femininity among the vintage and iconic Monroe Marilyn hairstyles is the tousled look of her short and dainty hairstyle.

This profile of hers proved to be the centre of instant attraction and loads of admirations as the curls were tousled and camouflaged into each other.

Marilyn Monroe Tousled Hair Look

Ladies, be bold enough to recreate the characteristic and bewitching Marilyn Monroe hairstyles which pull together the whole image while highlighting your prominent features.

The great star’s fragile and arguably the most glamorous looks have continued to be an inspiration for ladies all over the globe.

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