Wavy Hairstyles – How to Get Wavy Haircuts

Wavy hairstyles have their own glamour and show which is good enough to perfect your profile into a ravishing ten on ten.

The wavy haircut is an evergreen favourite and it has particularly been in demand this season by creating a ravishing impact on the red carpets!

Ladies these days are gaga over these beachy sexy hairstyles that do not require much maintenance and suit every occasion with gorgeousness.

Let it be a beach party, a college event, formal evenings or a wedding ceremony, these attractive curly and Wavy hairstyles never let you down.

Moreover, we have managed to ease and fulfil your demands with the same perfection as that on the runways!

Get a picture-perfect tousled yet natural, fab hairstyle with our tips that will surely be your guiding stars through this aim of high-end fashion.

RecommendedHairstyles for Curly Hair Women

Wavy Hairstyles for 2016

Wavy Beach Hairstyle

This hairstyle is on top of the fashion chart with different versions to its look including variations in hair colors as well as curling styles and techniques.

Get that easy-going and adorably fashioned tousled look that has been the buzz of this season!

Beachy Wavy Hairstyle for 2016

Wavy Beach Hairstyle for 2016

Wavy Beach Hairstyle 2016

Proper Cascading Waves

The advantage of this look is that you can rock it in your most formal events coupled with ball gowns and tiaras.

This hairstyle can be verified with a middle part through the crown.

How to get:

  1. After towel-drying hair out, blow dry your hair by turning your head upside down with the use of hair volumizing spray, sprayed at the tips for volume.
  2. For a professional stunning look, blow-dry cold hair at the tips for a fuller look. Parting your hair into three parts will help you further.
  3. Using a wide barrel curling iron, curl your hair inwards making tight curls at roots and clamp them up with bobby pins.
  4. After repeating the whole process throughout your hair, remove the pins and let down your hair.
  5. In the case of proper cascading curl + waves, do not brush your hair out but rather use a blow dryer to loosen them up into sexy waves!

Cascading Waves for 2016

Cascading Wavy Hairstyle 2016

Cascading Side Waves for 2016

Brushed out Waves

This alteration of wavy and curly hairstyles flaunts a more skater girl and easy or relaxed look than the usual.

You can add spice to this hairdo by coupling with small and sassy fishtail braids at the side of the hair crown or through dazzling accessories.

How to get:

  1. Repeat the same process of curling your hair, but this time make sure to loosen the curls furthermore.
  2. Using your fingers, slightly pull at the curls as if to sort them out especially at the tips.
  3. An alternate way is to brush through the curls with a soft-bristled brush that will open up the curls in the exact tousled hairdo you desired for!
  4. For an even more relaxed look, tie your hair into a soft and not so detailed ponytail the night before your event for a softer version of this wavy hairstyle.

Brushed out Waves 2016

Brushed out Waves 2016

Brushed out Waves 2016 for Women

The wavy hairstyles are surely a banging sensation this year with several innovations to this look but the main aim is to get the waves perfect and natural-looking to flatter the added texture and gloss!

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