Attractive Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Hairstyles for oval faces have several exceptional styling options as an oval face shape is most common and versatile.

Style experts believe that layers suit and compliment the features in an attractive way.

Consider yourself a lucky gal if you have an oval face shape, as the advantage to it is that nearly all-engrossing hairstyles highlight your high cheekbones and curved chin.

The best part is that instead of hiding your look, you get a chance to flaunt it with dazzling and elegant hairdos.

Inspired by top celebrities and with combined decisions from fashion gurus, we have set a spot-on collection for graceful hairstyles and cuts that are not only red carpet-worthy but also a shoo-in to suit oval faces.

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Hairstyles for Oval Faces 2016

Straight Layers for Oval Faces

A rocking and wildly famous Jennifer Anniston hairstyle is a sweet and captivating long layered haircut that is currently topping the runway charts for hairstyles for oval faces.

The long layers fall at the alignment of your chin so that it highlights the oval look of your face while the hair cascades at the back, adding style and creativity to your look.

Straight Layers for Oval Faces 2016

Straight Layers for Oval Faces

Asymmetric Oval Faces Hairstyle

Ladies with an oval face shape can readily opt for an asymmetric short or long bob hairstyle as this balancing hairstyle is not only eye-catching to look at, but it is also a hairstyle that suits all seasons and events.

As one side of the hair crown falls at your chin with side short bangs and edgy tips, you have scored a glamorous ten for your overall profile if you go for an asymmetric do among hairstyles for oval faces.

Asymmetric Oval Faces Hairstyle 2016

Oval Faces Asymmetrical Hairstyle 2016

Soft waves – A favourite Celebrity Hairstyle

Another hairstyle that is a graceful and seductive tycoon on the runways and hit TV shows is the slightly curled hairstyle that gives the illusion of perfectly styled soft waves.

Again, when selecting and experimenting among the varieties of hairstyles for oval faces, go for a fashionable middle part hairdo that brings together your whole profile.

With a wide barrel curler, curl your hair in wavy strands as they fall over your shoulders, giving you a chic yet beachy look that is totally in season these days.

Soft Waves for Oval Faces Women 2016

Soft Waves for Oval Faces Women 2016

A fierce Pixie for Oval Faces

Go bold this time by experimenting with a dainty pixie hairstyle among the top hairstyles for oval faces.

Wearing a pixie hairstyle means effortlessly seeming bold and confident about your look, appearing edgy and fierce all the while.

Your pixie hairstyle will let you freely showcase your oval face shape while the hair crown can be dyed in strong colours or highlights if you are really in the daring mood.

Go all the way and show a beautiful yet dauntless side of your personality to the world.

A fierce Pixie for Oval Faces 2016

Fierce Pixie Hairstyle for Oval Faces 2016

Ladies, take a break from the usual and monotonous hairstyles which have no ‘X’ factor to them and take fearless risks as we put forward the best of the best among hairstyles for oval faces.

 Incorporate trends with a personal touch in your regular hairdo by reframing your profile with your own creative intuition.

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