1960s Hairstyles for Women: Popular Looks

1960s is the era which is actually considered being a very productive and glamorous era relating to hair industry. Interestingly, it had introduced numerous elegant and trendy hairstyles.

Moreover, the decade actually made great modifications particularly in the ‘hair industry’ of women, while changing those volume and big hairdos of the previous decade into glamorous, trendy and simple hairstyles.

Interestingly, the era considered every hair type, every hair color and all hair lengths. It produced some more stylish and flexible hairdos. In spite of flexibility, these 1960s hairstyles for women were quite capable controlling. Hence they yet survive till date.

Numerous update plus modification have been done in order to make these hairdos cope well with today’s trends. Today, to get the 1960’s looks with some much simpler ways is quite easy. Have a look to some very catchy and gorgeous hairstyles which have managed maintaining their place with slighter modifications:

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1960s hairstyles for women

The Elegant Bouffant

Interestingly, the bouffant look which was carried from the previous decade was modified in size making it quite impressive during the decade. The glamorous look of the bouffant made it an ideal look specifically for some very elegant events. Women, regardless of whatever they wore, loved wearing the look!

Bouffant1960s hairstyles

Gorgeous 60s Beehive

In 1964, the bouffant look was updated by some school girls called the beehive look. Creating the look was of course, not simple requiring great styling efforts. You can achieve the look by backcombing your back plus front hair sections across the crown.

Now the bang area in the front should be pulled back, and pinned in place. The hairstyle is ideal on some elegant gowns and in formal events.

60s Beehive hair

Glamorous Bewitched Flip look

The hairstyle is ideal for women with hair of shoulder length. Well yes, the flip look is way simpler creating today, as compared to some decades back.

Thankfully, we are blessed with advance hair dryers and curling irons which can help us get the same glamorous look. After backcombing, flicked the hair ends outwards in order to form curl.

60s Flip Hairstyle

1960s Chic Pixie Style

Interestingly, the two beautiful stars Twiggy and Mia Farrow popularized the look during the decade, however these stars was not just the reason for the hairdo’s popularity, its elegance and simplicity made it  preferred  specifically for the working women. The hairdo is truly modern, elegant and easy to make!

1960s Pixie haircuts

The Ideal sixties Mod Hairstyle

The hairstyle was among one of the very popular 1960s hairstyles for women, it is truly ideal for women in love with difference. The hairdo was encouraged through the mod movement and thus became quite popular soon after. The look is entirely edgy, whilst trendy and elegant!

1960s Mod Hairstyles

So these were some very popular and stylish 1960s hairstyles for women, which not just ruled the entire decade, however were forwarded with slight modifications in order to meet the advance trends of hairdos. So, try them out yourself, to look differently beautiful, at the same time, with a touch of 60’s. .

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