Lovely Hair Color Ideas for Short Brunettes in 2023

Hair Color Ideas for Short Brunettes – If you have been sporting your natural brown color for a while and want to switch things up without a major commitment to a permanent hair color change, adding some highlights to your mane is a great way to go.

Opting for trendy hues on your darker locks will take your look to the next level. Here are some fabulous hair color ideas for short brunettes to try out.

Warm Highlights

Adding some caramel, honey, and toffee tones will bring back warmth and life to your locks. Showcasing these shades around your face will add a great touch of brightness and radiance to your cut.

Warm Highlights for brunettes

Chestnut Colors

If you want to switch up the lowlights and highlights, opting for chestnut shades will be a great choice for your short brunette locks. These darker highlights can create the perfect combination with your natural hue.

Gorgeous Red Accents

Liven up your tresses by adding some subtle yet gorgeous red accents. A few subtle red pieces strewn throughout your mane will give a subtle yet beautiful twist to your look.

Mink Shades

If you are not ready to commit to a major color change, then choosing mink shades will be the right choice. These subtle brown tones will add major dimension and interest to your locks, without looking over the top.

Chocolate Brown Streaks

Chocolate Brown hair color

If you have been looking for something a bit more daring, adding some chocolate brown streaks to your mane will be the perfect way to edge up your look.

Fun Fashion Colors

If you want to make a real statement, adding some fashion colors to your short locks will be the perfect way to do it. Some of the most popular ones for brunettes are purple, blue, pink, and pastel tones.

No matter which color you choose, adding some subtle highlights to your brunette cut will be a great way to mix things up without committing to a major color change. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, here is a list of fabulous hair color ideas for short brunettes to try out:

  • Warm Highlights
  • Brown hair color with highlights For brunette hair,
  • brown hair color with highlights can range from warm hues such as honey, caramel, and toffee, to cooler hues such as ash, mocha, and espresso.
  • Highlighting brunette hair will give it texture, and dimension and make it look naturally sun-kissed.

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

1. Chocolate Brown

2. Caramel Highlights

3. Copper Red

4. Honey Blonde

5. Chestnut Auburn

6. Light Brown Balayage

7. Mahogany Brown

8. Light Golden Brown

9. Soft Brown Ombre

10. Dark Auburn Highlights

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