Gorgeous Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

The iconic Jennifer Aniston hairstyles have gracefully swept our favorite picks till date since nearly two decades ago when the actress’s most popular ‘The Rachel’ hairdo was the one people went ga-ga for!

It is safe to say that her soft, silky locks are no less than those of a master trendsetter. Let’s bring this list up to speed with Jennifer Aniston’s latest fetching show stopper looks, completely doable for you ladies.

We all lust after the charismatic celebrity hairstyles which seem as if they were born with gorgeous manes only perfected through the expert hands. Take a look again, and revive up your personal style through Jen inspired soft layers, sexy ponytails and alluring waves.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

The Iconic ‘Rachel’

The age-old yet alluring Aniston hairstyle is from her debut as a character ‘Rachel’ in ‘Friends’. Although it has been years since someone demanded the same look of tresses but this hairdo will certainly make the top of Jen’s hairstyles.

Mid-length bob with an expert use of blow dryer plus layers invented this look, still eye-catching to look at. Note this hairstyle down ladies, it made hair history!

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Iconic Rachel Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Mid-length Golden Waves

Take inspiration from Jen’s low-maintenance soft captivating waves perfect for a casual day out while maintaining class and elegance. Part your hair from the middle and curl or blow dry loose curls towards the edges daintily desirable.

Jennifer Aniston Mid-length Golden Waves

Straight, Long and Casual

Being simple and sexy, Jennifer Anniston opted for ironed one step, long-length hair glamorously complementing her blue eyes with champagne colored highlights. This hairstyle is best suited to contour her neckline, electrifying for a night out for dinner.

Jennifer Aniston long Straight hairstyle

Side Swept Beauty

Jennifer Aniston flaunts her signature look in one of the recent award functions with hair parted from one side to elongate the layers and on the opposing side is a neatly weaved French braid taken from aside till the mid back of her hair crown flattering her unique earrings on the red carpet. Jen never takes an off hair-day!

Jennifer Aniston Side Swept hair

High Ponytail

The celeb’s irresistible high ponytail with straight bangs framing her face from the front has definitely proved to be the ‘in style’ this season as a perfect summer icon. We can’t enough of her casual, blonde looks!

Jennifer Aniston High Ponytail

Bold chin-length Bob

Jennifer chopped off her long locks for a straight, inwards bob flaunted engagingly with warm, darker highlights towards the edges, stunningly elegant. This hairstyle paired up with boat neck sun dress might just be hit on this season’s most appropriate hairdos.

Jennifer Aniston chin-length Bob

Honey Colored Layers

The reason we are so obsessed with Jennifer Aniston hairstyles is the much obsessed feminine look of hers with side cut layers blow dried outwards and tousled through, reflecting temptation but still a not so ‘undone’ look at her movie premier.

Jennifer Aniston Colored Layers

Is Jen becoming more irresistible every year with ravishing trends or is it just us! Ladies, bring your Jennifer Aniston hairstyle fan clubs together and style your hair in the least duration with these easy-to-make hairdos, complementing your celebrity style guru by adding your own personal touch to it.

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