10 Best Female Celebrity Hairstyles

Constantly modifying Female celebrity hairstyles effortlessly influence trends and make sure the spotlight doesn’t dim away. These divas’ voguish looks on the red carpet always catch our attention and spark up a charm of trying them out.

Whether these celebrities might be big shot movie and soap opera actresses, singers or just notable figures among the public, we have our eyes set on every one of them; selecting the top-most reputed and talked about celebrities with the glamorous hip and flair when it comes to styling their hair.

After all, the entire generation dreams to follow these top-notch celebrities and their innovative fashions, right? Consequently, here’s a list of the leading female celebrities hairstyles upon your request.

female celebrity hairstyles

Taylor Swift’s Curly up-do

At the top of the list is Taylor Swift’s sweet and romantic yet refreshing hairdo from her song video Love story which created a bang in the fashion statement.

Her efficiently smooth, corkscrew curls were pinned up in a bun-cum-braid along with strands of curls beautifying the sides of her profile.

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Taylor Swift’s Curly up-do

Rihanna’s classic a-line Bob

Rihanna’s concave bob cut highlighted by sharp pieces falling towards the front. Such textured hairstyle captivates attention towards the eyes giving a dramatic look. This singer’s electrifying look has become a trendsetter, augmented by striking highlights and low-lights.

Rihanna’s a line bob haircuts

Avril Lavigne’s Funky, Long and Casual

The main aspect of her rock star look is the bright pink hue which flows well below her mid-back with blow-died waves at the bottom end. The over-all style is exquisitely perfected by splashes of colour on the top and sides.

Avril Lavigne’s funky hair

Megan Fox- The Straight Haired Brunette

This gorgeous actresses silky straight hair incorporated with deep brown shade exhibits an exotic and chic look. The flowing hair is parted in the middle with long bangs framing her face and spicing her overall diva look!

Megan Fox straight hair

Ashwariya Rai Bachan’s Sweeping Bangs

Bollywood’s reputed actress over took the red carpet with long, straight, Layered hairstyle with side-swept bangs superbly complimenting her rounded face and made her way to the top 10 list of best female celebrity hairstyles.

Ashwariya Rai Bachan’s sweeping bangs

Emma’s Pixie Cut

Who isn’t aware of the famous teenage actress Emma Watson? Emma further glamorized by her Pixie crop experimented by her. It transformed her from the innocent kid to a chic teenager with edgy textures.

Emma’s Pixie Cut

Kim Kardashian’s Layered Waves

Kim manages to bewitch us all by her wavy, voluminous hair added up by side soft bangs compliments the Rapunzel-like hair. This way she steals the entire spotlight for herself and is consequently idolized.

Kim Kardashian’s layered waves

Reese Witherspoon’s Flirty, Fowing Bangs

Her mid length haircut coupled with slight bangs really gets us swooning. Her decent look influenced a lot of girls to opt for thicker side bangs like Reese and rock the evening.

Reese Witherspoon’s Flirty bangs

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’ Look

Jennifer’s profile from her character of ‘Rachel’ gained a lot of popularity for its one length hair, parted in between, striking the ever- elegant next door girl look.

Jennifer Aniston Rachel look

Cameron Diaz- angelic Short Bob

Cameron’s top-notch short bob with one layered side really portrayed her strong personality securing her place in the top 10 female celebrity hairstyles.

Cameron Diaz short bob

The captivating list of female celebrity hairstyles engulfs us, and inclines us to a hyper era of hip trends and stylish fashion statements like the above mentioned looks. Girls, take influence from these chic looks and experiment your daily profile!

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