Top 10 Most Successful Hollywood Celebrities of 2018

Hollywood is where talented individuals come to get fame and to earn money. This industry gathers various beautiful and hot celebs from all parts of the world. He who can survive in the extreme competition is likely to become the superstar of tomorrow. If you are a fan of Hollywood, you must be familiar with who are the 10 most successful Hollywood celebrities of 2018. Without any delay, let us go through the list, and hopefully you would enjoy a lot.

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  1. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore first appeared in art industry in her childhood. Later on when she completed her studies, Drew began getting lots of offers. She appeared in the television show named as The Walton. In 1980, she finally got the chance to do her first Hollywood movie named Altered States. The American actress, model, producer, director and author is now one of the finest celebrities.

Drew Barrymore

  1. Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr needs no introduction. He has been a top notch person of entertainment industry. He first appeared in a movie in childhood, along with his father, Robert Downey Sr., the director. With his enthusiasm in acting, singing and production, Robert has made his distinctive place in glamour industry. His best movie is Iron Man 3.

Robert Downey Jr

  1. Jennifer Aniston

Back in 1990, Jennifer Aniston appeared in the film industry. Because of her extreme talent and charm, this lady took no time to touch the heights of success. Jennifer has starred in many Hollywood movies and received a lot of awards including Golden Globe Award, Emmy Award and Screen Actor Guild Award. She is a hot and fabulous female, one of richest Hollywood divas.

Jennifer Aniston

  1. Drew Carey

Drew Carey used to be a United States Marine Corp, and now he is popular as comedian, actor and sports executive. He has become the superstar, all thanks to the endless performance and dedication of this person. He made huge success because of his sitcom named The Drew Carey show. With the interest in sports, he has worked as a photographer at U.S.A National Team soccer games, and many other projects.

Drew Carey

  1. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is not only famous in America but also the world over. She is an actress and film producer. Her net worth is high enough. The romantic comedy Pretty Woman in 1990 grossed around $464 million worldwide, and for this movie Julia won awards including Golden Globe award and Academy award. She is a prominent and very attractive female of the industry.

Julia Roberts

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio

In the early 1990s, Leonardo DiCaprio began his career from the sitcom Growing Pains. Besides being an actor, he is also a film producer. Leonardo has his own production company named Appian Way Productions. We can never forget his great performance in all-time favorite movie, Titanic.

Leonardo DiCaprio

  1. Adam Sandler

Born in September 1966, Adam Sandler is an American actor, screenwriter, musician, comedian, film producer and entrepreneur. He is a multi-talented guy, and one of the most successful celebrities of Hollywood. He was in cast of Saturday Night Live. His other amazing movies are Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, Mr. Deeds, Punch-Drunk Love, Funny People, and Reign Over Me. In 2007, he made a big success when he funded a production company named Happy Madison Productions, which has produced movies and tv sitcoms.

Adam Sandler

  1. Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is one of the mature celebrities. He is an American stand-up comedian, actor, activist, author, educator, musician and television producer. Bill is a rich man with approximate net worth of $350 million. He has appeared in successful pieces like “The Cosby Show”, and tv show ‘I Spy’.

Bill Cosby

  1. Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry has a lot to his name. He is a wonderful and successful actor, director, screenwriter, playwright, producer, author and songwriter, who has specialized in the gospel genre. Tyler has now become a prominent name of the entertainment industry. His approximate net worth, as per Forbes, is $400 million.

Tyler Perry

  1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, a remarkable and smoky hot actress of America. She is an author, director and screenwriter as well. The name of Angelina is always taken with pride. She has won plenty of awards like Academy award, Golden Globe award and Screen Actor Guild Award. This superb lady has given us countless wonderful movies.

Angelina Jolie

All of these are great stars, and among the most successful. But this doesn’t mean these are the only dominating names. In fact, in Hollywood, there are so many talents which are impossible to name in a single post.