Famous Celebrity Short Haircuts

Should be the year in which you still keep to sport the long hair, in favour of fresh, beautiful and super cool short hair?

Short hair has been fashionable for the past couple of years and is still incredibly popular around the world. Especially the well-known and fashionable women have taken short-hair horizons.

For example, celebrity short haircuts like Rihanna, Beyonce, Medina, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence etc are awesome.

Want to see pictures of those female stars with their great short-haircut styles? See here and create these amazing haircuts for you to get the coolest short hair look.

Short Pixie Cut

The so-called ‘pixie hairstyle’ is still popular. The hairdresser especially wears you with an oval, square or heart-shaped face.

A short pixie is brilliant if you have nice Scandinavian hair. If it’s your first time with short hair, you can easily get the haircut a little longer with a softer bang hair so it does not feel so short.

In fact, especially the forehead is an important part of your new short haircut. Looking at the best hair trends with bangs, it’s a very short forehead promotion and it can look amazing, but it depends mostly on your face shape.

There are many women who can easily create it ‘at at home’ with slightly longer clipped bang hair. Which provides a little more variety of options.

Short Pixie Haircut for 2018

And yes, ‘pixie is terribly sweet, but this hairstyle does not fit for every woman. Try to get a little longer version of the hairstyle and style with a side sketch and see how a pixie looks very sexy and attractive.

One last thing about the pixie hairstyle is that it allows you to create a very smooth hair texture along with clean lines of your face.

Center Parted Short Hair

This short hair is especially for those women who have naturally wide faces and short foreheads.

Since the haircut is good for creating length, also it’s a really amazing way if you are not completely ready to wear the long hairstyle. It is also very easy to cut.

Try to create waves with a straightener and then add saline spray to a rough look. Or you can create an updated 1920s look by making a side shaped hair look and taking the hair behind one ea.

Then Attach it with a hairpin while letting the other part of the hair hang in soft waves.

Center Parted Short Haircut style 2018

Beautiful Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley looks amazing with this short haircut. The long hair with bangs slopes elegantly over the forehead. In this haircut, you’ve to keep more volume on your forehead.

Keira Knightley's Short Haircuts for 2018

Hayden Panettiere

We can see oftenly Hayden Panettiere with her long wavy hairstyle. But here her blonde looks are cut into a short haircut with a bit longer hair at top and short on both sides.

Hayden Panettiere Short Haircut 2018

Cute Karen Gillan

Here you can see another gorgeous star “Karen Gillan” with short haircut along with a little longer hair on top of the head. Try to get this amazingly awesome haircut to get trendy short hair look.

Karen Gillan's Short Hairstyle for 2018

Agyness Deyn

The British model “Agyness Deyn” has her iconic look with platinum blond short hairstyle. This hairstyle highlights her facial shape With a beautiful bang hair that slopes down to her eyes.

Agyness Deyn's Short Hairstyle 2018

Anne Hathaway

With the length of the forehead like here you can see, try this haircut pulling through the forehead till the end for a cool look. But you may have different length of your forehead. So always ask your hairstylist to cut according to your face shape.

Anne Hathaway Short Hairstyle 2018

Ginnifer Goodwin

The beautiful actress “Ginnifer Goodwin” also looks gorgeous with her best short hair look. Create an elegant look like her by smoothing your hair and using a suitable hair spray after your hairstylist.

Ginnifer Goodwin's Short Haircut 2018

Halle Berry

See here another gorgeous female star “Halle Berry”. She wears very short pixie cut with lots of texture and clean lines along with her face shape. This is known one of the pixie hairstyle.

Halle Berry's Cute Short Haircut style 2018

Jennifer Lawrence

Classical actress ” Jennifer Lawrence” also wears oftenly the different short haircut styles as you can see in the given picture. Her pixie look with extra long bangs is really eye-catching for everyone.

Jennifer Lawrence's Short Hair Looks 2018

Kristen Stewart

Who says short hair is boring? Here you can see how “Karistan Stewart” created the edgy short haircut by creating a piece of hair completely short and leaving the remaining hair on top of the head.

Kristen Stewart Short Hairstyle 2018

Michelle Williams

The very classic pixie haircut worn by cutest “Michelle Williams” is also one of the best short haircuts.

Michelle Williams Short Haircut for 2018

Natalie Portman

We took this picture especially for those women who wanna wear short curls. Create charming short hair look like this dashing star ” Natalie Portman”. She really always looks beautiful as you can see here in this picture.

Natalie Portman's Short Hairstyle 2018

Robin Wright

Short hair can easily be classical by following this beautiful celebrity star’ Robin Wrights short haircut style. Here you can see how she looks amazing and cool by short side-swept blonde hairstyle.

Robin Wright's Short Haircut Style 2018

These are some top female celebrities with different short hairstyles. You may choose one of the suitable haircuts for short hair to sport. Follow the theme to make your hair look gorgeous, trendy and cute.

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