How to Choose The Right Hair Color for You

Opting for the right hair color for your hair isn’t as simple as picking out your favorite color but rather there are numerous factors needed to be brought into consideration. Light your face with charming and flattering shades employing the best of the best hair products and vibrant, flattering highlights inspired by the top celebrities and stylists.

Don’t worry ladies! Channel your inner glamour free of all anxieties by following these simple steps for rocking exquisite shades this season, irrespective of your complexion, hair type and haircut.

Experiment with your hair color with these must-have shades along with easy to pick hair colors, revolutionizing your everyday look. Check out our step by step methods of determining the perfect color for you.

Right Hair Color for Your Hair

Step One: Recognizing Skin Tones

An appropriate awareness of your skin tone can certainly help you pick out the right shade of hair color.

  • If you’re a lady having extremely pale skin tone, then avoid opting for dark hair colors like dark auburn, brown or black which may make you look paler than usual along with a dull profile
  • Pale skin colors do wonders with light shades like golden-Ash blonde or honey color shades.
  • Warm and bright colors often compliment dark or neutral skin tones rather, bringing out a rather flattering charisma where as softer colors have the opposite effect.

Hair colour as Skin tones

Step two: Make your Eyes pop

Determine your personal eye color to match your preference, giving you a hand in resolving the right hair color for your hair. Choose your shade keeping in mind to flatter your eyes with these simple tips:

  • Hair color shades with warm tones like red, brunette or black go hand in hand with hazel colored, brown or green eyes bringing out the base of these eye colors.
  • Cooler and softer hair colors like honey colored blonde or golden are safer for grayish and bluish eyes.

eyes colour according to hair

Step three: Suitable Clothing Color

The color of your outfits greatly impacts the look of your hair colors therefore it’s necessary to observe the color you look dashing in, and opt your desired hair color accordingly.

  • Softer hair colors like strawberry blonde, auburn and golden suit those who prefer wearing red, rust, orange or dark green dresses.
  • On the other hand, if you look charming in purple, grey or teal colors then beige-ish blond and mahogany colored hair tones are the one for you.

Suitable clothing color for hair

Step Four: The Hair Color Chart Selection

Once you’re done determining the above steps through personal observations and under the guidelines of style gurus, it is time to pick out the range of hair color for your look. Branded hair charts like those of L’Oreal and Garnier Nutrisse’s are the exceptional ways to pick out hair color ideas.

Usually, the main hair colors of blonde, red, brunette and black are made darker or lighter through different mixtures to suit your appearance in the same way as blonde color is combined with softer tones to give champagne or ash blonde.

Hair colour chart

Therefore, overcome the tricky tasks of electing the right hair color for your hair with ease and capture the essence of trendy famous personalities with the similar chic and elegance but with the addition of a sassy personal statement of your choice and suitability.

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