Best Ever Tips for Healthy Long Nails

To be very honest, a set of beautiful, clean and natural healthy nails tend to attract many eyes as they look very classy and stylish! Immaculately manicured nails actually say a lot regarding your confidence and personal style. On the other hand, none can deny the challenging task to grow long nails. They need proper maintenance like your skin and hair do.

In this article you will learn few tips for healthy long nails, that will not just help you grow your nails, however will help you maintaining healthy and clean nails to complement the beauty of your hands. Few things you need to know before you skip to the tips are that your nails grow more in summers than in the winters; however men’s nails grow comparatively faster than women, unless the women is pregnant!

healthy long nails

Tip 1: Your Nails are not Tools

Avoid using your nails to perform certain tasks such as dialing the phone, poking or scratching with your nails, most importantly, avoid opening cans. Instead use your fingers!

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Tip 2: Wear Gloves

Remember, detergents are specifically harsh on the nails, they can cause peeling and splitting. Wear gloves while cleaning or washing dishes. Also cover your hands with gloves while gardening in order to prevent damage and dryness.

Wear gloves for healthy nails

Tip 3: Never Bit your Nails/Pick at the Cuticles

Besides, the prominent reason that biting shortens the nails such habits can greatly damage your nail bed. Moreover, even the minor cut alongside the nail may allow fungi or bacteria entering your nail bed causing infection.

Tip 4: Look after the Cuticles

Cuticle is basically a barrier which keeps the bacteria away from a nail matrix, where the new cells generate; hence it must not be trimmed or cut. Whilst, you’re overgrown cuticles suffocates your nail growth. In case the cuticle has somehow grown out particularly on your nail plate,

then soften the cuticles in the warm water; gently use the cuticle pusher in order to push the cuticle back. This procedure will help the debris and dead skin which might have accumulated. Moisturize your hands after the procedure!

look after the cuticles for nails

Tip 5: Trim your Nails Regularly

Always clean the under nail and trim your fingernails regularly. Use clippers or manicure scissors and the nail file in order to smooth your nail edges.

Tip 6: Take care for the Brittle Nails

After taking bath, trim your brittle nails and apply a moisturizer then. Do not use the nail polish remover over twice every month.

take care for the brittle nails

Tip 7: Role of your Diet

Your diet must contain vitamins and protein that tends to strengthen the nails. Lack of vitamin A, protein, vitamin C and folic acid can cause dryness, brittleness and hang nails.

Tip 8: Your Nails need Moisture too

Your nails also need moisture like your hands. Rub lotion or cream into your nails while moisturizing your hands. Make sure you apply the moisturizer every time after you wash your hands.

your nails need moisture

Tip 9: Apply a colored Nail Polish

The most interesting among the tips for healthy long nails is applying a colored nail polish to protect your nails! If you want to grow your nails, apply colored nail polish. It helps you becoming aware of your hands plus the way to use them in a manner which keeps your mail paint undamaged, hence the nails protected.

apply a colored nail polish

Tip 10: Use Garlic

In order to make your nails strong and grow rapidly, nicely rub a garlic clove twice a day on your nails.

So these were some very useful tips for healthy long nails, remember, you need take good care of your nails and be patient, since an average nail tend to take around three to six months in order to grow!

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