Why Lower Back Pain: Reasons & Remedies

Lower back pain is highly common and it lasts for different time duration in every individual. Such pain has a wide array of causes and consequent remedies. The degree of seriousness of this pain in the human body is measured by the time period in which it persists. Symptoms can be of various kinds such as shooting pain or limited movement to inability to stand upright.

The serious back pains if left untreated can worsen to a form that is untreatable without surgery. Fortunately for most of the commoners, the pain is alleviated within few weeks but the underlying cause must be known to avoid further such situations. The possible causes and their remedies are given below for a better understanding for the layman.

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Reasons and Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Reasons for Lower Back Pain

  • Age Factor

Lower back pain has a tendency to occur mostly in older adults due to the decrease in muscle elasticity and bone strength.

In adults over 60, the lower back pain is often a result of osteoarthritis and flexibility of discs decreases, causing compression in the lower back.

In young adults from 30-60, the cause is most often muscle strain or from disc space itself.

Age Factor in lower back pain

  • Muscle Strain

Often the main culprit of the lower back pain is some kind of heavy lifting of an obstacle, overstretching or a sports injury which may cause the ligaments and muscles in the lower back to spasm. The disc may dislodge and cause the nerve roots to compress, resulting in back pain.

lower back pain by Muscle Strain

  • Injuries or Diseases

The result of an injury or trauma may cause lower back pain but often it can be the outcome of degenerative diseases like arthritis, bone diseases, or joint abnormalities.

Obesity, poor sleeping postures and stress are also probable causes of this condition.

Injuries or Diseases

Remedies for Lower Back Pain

  • Massage Therapies

If the diagnosed lower back pain is not chronic, then a few feel good therapies might do the trick to alleviate your pain. Aerobics and massage therapies prove to be highly effective due to their compressions in the affected areas. Acupuncture is a less practiced but just as competent remedy.

Massage Therapies for lower back pain

  • Get therapeutic Sleep

Sleeping disorder is the number one cause of lower back pain, including insomnia and wrong postures. Inadequate sleep must be treated by getting a proper sleep by relaxation and psychological techniques along with proper eating habits.

Therapeutic sleep for lower back pain

  • Healing with Temperature

It is a common practice to apply hot or cold packs to the affected area in order to reduce lower back pain. This healing process is not only cost effective but also simple as it stimulates blood flow while the cold pack slows down the nerve pulses which are the underlying causes for spasms. Heating pads with massagers are all healing methods for your lower back.

Healing with Temperature

  • Stretching is the Key

Stretches in exercises are extremely important, not only for the sportsmen but also on a regular basis. By stretching your hamstrings you alleviate the additional stress at the joints.

Lower back pain Stretching exercise

The causes, therapies and remedies for lower back pain, must be known to all of us for avoiding subsequent chronic diseases.

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