Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

The difference between weight loss and fat loss is commonly mistaken as the same thing among people who aim for achieving a leaner and slimmer body structure. The reality is, these two terms are poles apart as your goal should be fat loss and not weight loss.

There are multiple ways to differentiate between the two with further more tests and diets but the end result has massive difference. When we exercise and control our diet, we basically aim to keep our body in shape and hope to maintain it once we stop going to the gym regularly.

If you want such a practical result then knowing the difference between these two ideas is a must which are clearly described below for your better understanding.

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Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Fat loss Versus Weight Loss

The main difference between weight loss and fat lossis elaborated in the following way:

  • Fat Loss

Fat loss means to lose the carbs and calories that your body carries which can take up most of your body weight. Fat loss is mostly the basic concept behind being slimmer rather than weight loss.

  • Weight Loss

Your weight includes all the muscle, bones and fat in your body. If you take the wrong steps and end up using weight loss techniques then it is a surety that instead of getting in shape, you will become a blob version of yourself meaning your muscles will be less toned and mushier.

Fat loss versus Weight loss

Which is Better?

Both weight loss and fat loss are aimed to be achieved but the question is which one do you require?
Weight loss is comparatively easier to achieve that is by just lowering your diet intake as compared to the amount that you are burning up. In other words, exercise more and eat less. But this yo-yo diet has its own side effects that are it is only an illusionary version of being thin. This loss of weight is not necessarily the loss of fat but rather it might be that muscles become flabbier due to the insufficient intake of required nutrients.

Therefore, if you have a mindset of looking smarter, then that accounts for a toned and well curved body, in both men and women that makes up less percentage of fat in your body weight. And ultimately that is the basic difference between weight loss and fat loss.

weight loss and fat loss

The end Result

Your end accomplishment in difference between weight loss and fat loss should be to preserve the lean muscle fat tissues that increases the rate of your metabolism comparatively but not to the extent that it is skyrocketed! This is the result of a smart fat loss schedule which aims to intake 40% protein, 40% of good carbs and 20% fats that concludes in a way that you consume just about 200 calories more than you burn. A good workout of 30 miutes everyday along with the allowance of eating some extra calories at the end of the week is given.

End result-weight loss and fat loss

This difference between weight loss and fat loss is ideal as weight loss tends to bring back the body fat by two folds while fat loss has a positive effect on your lifestyle!

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