Pretty Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Prom hairstyles for long hair are among the hot and happening collection of hairdos that will surely solve all your troubles of a perfect and dreamy prom look. Girls with long hair have the upper hand of styling their hair in exclusive and fresh ways that are top of the chart choices of fashion experts.

Prom look is all about that perfect night with your colleagues that every one of us want to make memorable! Find a hairdo that best compliments your personality along with showing off and flaunting your long locks with ease and utmost elegance. Wear your hair with overwhelming grace and beauty on your big night with the expert recreations of these eye catching hairstyles gathered specially for you.

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Prom hairstyles for long hair

Romantic Loose Prom Curls

Play with this version of prom hairstyles for long hair that is exclusively for long length hair that showcases a very graceful and charming profile. The catch of this hairdo is to experiment with loose curls in random directions. These curls are fashioned with a wide barrel curler and then it is swiftly pulled up. Once the curls are gathered and pinned, let them fall and cascade at the nape of your neck for a tantalizing touch to this hairstyle.

Long Romantic loose prom curls

Long Prom Slick French twist

 A swift and fashionable touch at retro prom hairstyles for long hair is the pulled back updo that portrays a perfect do for your hair. The slick and tucked back hair is not a hassle along with a touch of glamour as a whole! This hairstyle flatters a voluminous look which is made further more sophisticated and prom-like with floral tucked in your hair.

long prom Sleek French twist

Prom Flirtatious Swept Bangs and Chignon

Add a fashion statement by opting for this sexy look among our engrossing and rocking collection of prom hairstyles for long hair. Swept bangs flatter and frame the face in a way that looks outstanding with a retro take at the evergreen hairstyle of chignon. The varieties that are often fashioned in chignons are low hanging and at the neck side for an automatic romantic look in your overall profile.

Flirtatious swept bangs and chignon

Braided Twist Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

An ultra-feminine do for the ladies out there who want to reserve the title of prom queen for themselves are opting for the appealing look of braids coupled with the electrifying effect of curls. The hair is set in  a way that features curls in the whole hair length, after which sides of the crown are twisted and turned in a fancy way  all the way back to mid hair. The curls cascade down for an effect worthy of admirations.

Long Prom Braided with a twist

Long Prom Magnetizing weaves Hair

A hairdo among the irresistible prom hairstyles for long hair that has cast a spell on us is by far the most attractive and bewitching weave which is either cast on the side or as a rapturous updo with a jeweled clip appropriate for the prom setting.

Long prom weaves hair

Ladies, make the most your special night by adopting these tempting as well as elegant prom hairstyles for long hair that are bound to leave an everlasting impression!

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