Gorgeous Hairstyles for Long Hair Ideas & Images

Hairstyles for long hair are the spot on definition of elegance and chic. Long hair are a blessing, and if they are thick and well styled then voila, you’re no less than a Rapunzel all set to rock the evening.

Long tresses can prove to be boring and require maintenance unless you experiment your hair with these fabulous hairdos worn gloriously over the years by top celebrities and models.Keep your long locks fresh and twenty first century styled as you spice up your flair with these cutting-edge hairstyles perfectly complimenting your femininity. Take those captivating strands to the next level with these electrifying picks of the season.

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Hairstyles for long hair

Long Bouncy Blowouts

Strike delicacy and taste with light bouncy waves created at home using a round brush and blow dryer. This exquisite look is inspired by the royal beauty Kate Middleton who is ever famous for her middle parted soft waves cascading over her shoulders.

Long Bouncy Blowouts

Curls, Curls and Curls!

The greatest upside of having long locks is that you ladies can curl them up into any style you admire. Curls are best suited by long, naturally wavy hair as they are easily kept in place. Grab a curling iron and create tight curls in whole length of hair or just from the middle till the end. Side or middle part in the crown, both look enticing depending on the face structure. Add sophistication to your gatherings with this evergreen style.

Long curly hairstyles

Layers and Bangs

Layers and bangs wholly add up to a perfect combination with long hair. You can either opt for front, cheek length layers for finer hair or add forehead length bangs to your straight hair which perfectly frames your face. Bangs with few light layers aligned below your chin look most flattering.

Long Layers and Bangs

Half way Up, Halfway Down

Get inspired from an old classic which is still hot in the fashion statements, maintaining its gracefulness. Add volume to the crown and pull back your hair from both sides while creatively styling your bangs in front of your face. Experiment with soft curls at the ends and use a hair spray to put a finishing touch to this eye-catching hairstyle.

Half up half down long hairstyles

Messy Side Fishtails

You can never go wrong with braids and especially those including fishtails and French braids. Freshen up your early mornings with this easy to do hairdo. Firstly twist hair along the hairline towards the side, securing with bobby pins. Pull your hair onto one side in a messy fishtail for a casual yet bewitching look.

Long Messy Side Fishtails

Pulled Back Beauty

Simplicity doesn’t compromise perfection in this hairstyle. Get your long hair pulled back in an elegant ponytail. Curl the ends and wrap it up into a messy yet classy bun. Let few strands of hair loose from the front with slight waves into a fabulous hairstyle.

Long Pulled Back hairstyles

Whether simple curls frame your face or braided flirtatious looks, hairstyles for long hair are endless with numerous opportunities to spark your new day with a fresh and enticing flair.

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