Lovely Long Curly Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Girls

Long curly hairstyles for girls have the look of a fashionista who is very elegant yet seducing as these hairdos are no less than perfect fairytale hairstyles which you always wished for. Ladies, make use of your blessed natural long hair or if you are really influenced by these hairstyles then opt for experimenting with extensions in an expert and stylish way.

These are at the top of the chart in styles that you should adopt for a graceful evening that will all the more add irresistibility to your appearance with its magnetizing effects. Curls never fail to captivate and grab attention because they give the look of voluminous locks and bouncy hair for young girls which adds a tantalizing and engaging factor while adding a pleasant aura to your profile.

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Long Curly Hairstyles

Side Swept Classic Long Curly Hairstyles:

Style a timeless beauty with your personal touch of spice to this version of the long curly hairstyles that gets thumbs up and suits perfectly with every attire and occasion. Long hair are best styled in long layers that have only one stage which falls at the cheek bones while the rest of the hair is kept one length to showcase a voluminous do. Blow dry your bangs in a way that they are captivatingly side swept while their ends join the rest of the locks with luscious curls till the ends of the hair. Feature it in a more funky way for teenagers by highlighting the bottom half of the hair in a different and darker highlighted tone.

Side Swept long curly hairstyles

Backcombed and Attractive Curly Long Hair

Another desirable way of fashioning the dreamy long curly hairstyles which is ideal for weddings and homecoming styling options that showcase hair to be heightened at the crown and coupled with gowns for a delectable view. Part and clip the front section of your hair and marvelously curl the rest of the tresses till the end. After the curls have cooled down, sweep your front hair to the back and add teases to it just at the top of the crown. This will fashion into an attractive pouf look that is then pinned with the rest of the hair. Let the strands of front bangs fall forward in loose curls for a picture perfect look.

Backcombed Curly Long Haairstyles

Braids and Florals Long Curls

Incorporate a more girlish and charming factor to your long curly hairstyles with the addition of side braids till the end of the crown. This braid is ideal for rounder faces as it brings emphasis to the fuller jaw and cheeks overall concluding to be a delightful choice among long curly hairstyles. A deep side part will be alluring in this case while the braid is made at the crown and pinned towards the side while the rest have a bouncy view of curls.

Braids and Florals long curls

Flowers and tiaras in this kind of hairstyle is a plus point as such an amiable profile is bound to bring the crowd to a standstill in view of your electrifying hairstyle. Ladies, glamorously beautify your look with the collection of these fascinating long curly hairstyles for a perfect evening.

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