Impressive Long Hairstyles for Black Women

These long hairstyles for black women are not only impressive in their Afro American style but also widely populous and fashionable hairdos which are worth complimenting. The main concern with long hair is that most of the styles are boring and repetitive plus they require high maintenance. But this isn’t the case here! We have put together for you a breathtaking list of ravishing hairstyles which will surely prove to be suitable for black women.

As you ladies are natural born performers, therefore your trendy fashion statements are never short from making the top of the list. Moreover you can borrow inspiring as well as traditional ideas, imitating the top notch black women celebrities with a highly alluring touch of personal style.

Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Glamorous Outwards Waves

Long hair gives you the advantage of not only flaunting you that long length with a variety of styles but also maintaining its elegance. Waves can be incorporated in your style for those who do not have this natural upper hand. A spicy innovation in this respect is that you can fashion them in a flipped out or outwards manner for a pop star’s imitation to relaxed and glamorous hair.

Long Outwards Waves for black women

The Allure of Divinely Straight Hair

Bored with the regular Afro-American curls? Adopt the flat iron technique to add an admirable texture to the usual look. Your silky straight strands will prove to be ever-so soft and perfect for large scale parties. You can add an alternative to this hairdo by giving a slight wavy texture at the bottom with a hairdryer.

Black Women long Straight hair

Eye catching High Bun

Bring out the fashionista within you by dressing up for your evening dinner or a ball dance with the star like hairdo of an adorable bun at the crown of the head. This bun should be kept wide and covering the middle back of your crown while it is fabulously coupled with a braid around the edges. This silky and sleek hairstyle will surely take you to a new era of glamour!

long High Bun for black women

Braids, Braids and Braids everywhere!

Keep in tradition with these braids which can have super variety in them from fishtails to Afro-American styled kinky braids. A neat and thin braid is by far the best style statement among the collection of Long hairstyles for black women. Perfectly straight braids may also allow you to protect your natural hair while the snake like detailed braids scattered all over will be a creative center of attention!

Long braided Hairstyles for Black Women

Hair Colors and Curls

Who can separate black women from the two traditional things they love, hair colors and bouncy curls. Multiple stars are a living proof of this tradition. Take Beyonce for instance. Her reverse ombre effect is equally resistible and trending these days with the adoption of dark to lighter hair color from bottom to top. This appealing do when coupled with soft curls creates a magnetizing effect!

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long Hair colors and Curls for black women

Ladies accentuate and beautify your look with these impressive long hairstyles for black women which are bound to create a bang in your routine.

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