Trendy Long Blonde Hairstyles We Love

Long blonde hairstyles showcase a gallery of the most perfect and inspiring hairdos that will spice up your attire in the most gorgeous ways possible. Blonde is the new black! With its various bold shades and light overtones to experiment with playful hairstyles this summer. Long hair is two steps ahead in resulting in fascinating and top of the level smashing hairstyles!

These surely are the dos of the recent pop stars and high fi celebrities with biggest inspirations from Beyoncé in addition to her unique fashion that tops off the scale! Make every day all the more exciting and inviting with a change of taste in hairstyles that leave your admirers wanting more and leaves you feeling no less than a fashion goddess.

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Long Blonde Hairstyles

Loose and Wavy Long blonde hairstyles

Starting off with the top of the chart among favorites of long blonde hairstyles, this is definitely the hairstyle that has gotten ladies to go ga-ga for the trend and its attractiveness. This hairdo is so simple to recreate that you will surely find yourself styling this every day. Every shade of blonde has a tendency to suit this do. Make a part in your hair, preferably a middle part to shake things up and simply wrap your hair around a curling iron for this seducing look! Random directions and thickness of curls will give it spicy variations.

Loose and Wavy long blonde hairstyles

Long Blonde Sleek Hairstyle with Bangs

If you are in a mood of a more sleek hair day for extra work and due errands, then opt for a long blonde hairstyles that is straight and easy to carry. Front forehead bangs are the best combo when it comes to sleek hair but remember that in order to avoid less volume hair, you need to keep them one length. One length long hair can be just as alluring as the every other hairstyle.

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Long blonde Sleek hairstyle with bangs

Long Blonde Deep Side Parted Layers

Keeping in mind the enthralling combo of the top 2 long blonde hairstyles, you can add creativity by combining them into a look that is both casual and formal. You can keep the ends of your tresses wavier, with the help of loose curls while the front of your face is gracefully framed by a deep side part layer that adds a stylish factor to the hairdo as a whole.

long blonde Deep side parted layers

Long Blonde Thick fishtails

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift’s golden locks that are always flowing with creativity in every other hairdo that she creates? Taking inspiration form the mistress of dainty hairstyles, a thick fishtail with waves is an outstanding selection among long blonde hairstyles. Braids and ponytails are an ancient story but adding spice to them is in your hands. Do so by softly adding waves to the length of your hair if they are not already wavy.

long blonde thick fishtails

Then fashion into a well-polished fishtail style with a bit of height at the top and that is maintained thick towards the end by a messy and wavy look. Admire the look of a bombshell in you with these long blonde hairstyles and pick out your signature look every evening!

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