Popular Hair Color Trends for Females

Simplicity is no more the talk of the town and it certainly doesn’t satiate the peppery demand of men and women nowadays. Having an x-factor that pumps up the passion for fashion is what tends to inspire the masses and the zesty hair color trends tend to provide just that.

Offering an effortless way to go audaciously stunning with the splendor of hues, there are some amazing color techniques brewing up fast in the latest fall hairstyles and color trends that emphatically spark off striking looks through affluent textured effects.

Hair Color Trends 2014


Allowing you to embark on a dusty journey to the world of fantasy is the stimulating hair chalking trend that drenches you in a ghostly and subtle manner with encrusted colored chalk imprinting.

It’s one of the hair color trends that deploys subtle tones of shades in comparison to the other applications which make it unique and easier to use.

Hair chalk style ideas are in fact some of the spanking new and breathtaking additions to the style list that can come in handy for your prom hairstyles; especially the curly and braided hairstyles that flaunt the ostentatious charisma of not only inventiveness but also the brilliance of color.

Hair Chalking color


You may have been enjoying the bird-inspired fancy eye makeup trend in your beauty endeavors up till now but it’s high time to enjoy the same enlivening vividness of hues in hairstyling.

A perfect way to give your sleek and serrated hairstyles a new ground of momentum, you can tune up a dazzling inkling with a broad spectrum of dynamic and exceptional shades to accolade any style without worrying about going off beam.

The sleek texture in fact heightens the enthrallment of jagged and serrated cuttings by highlighting their conspicuity all the more and this serves as a great advantage to the lovers and emo hairstyles that can shine out even better with voguish color trends.

Hair color Birds Feature Technique


One of the popular hair color trends for long and medium hair has been color blocking.

 It allows you to give an assorted detachment of tinted effect to your hair by usually going for a double shade of classic mishmash.

The best way to bring out the most flattering results is to use a darker shade on the top and go for a spicier and lighter shade at the lower-mid lengths.

Being one of the popular celebrity hair trends nowadays, you can get amazing color block ideas from the red carpet and other celebrity events.

Color blocking in hair color


Though not a new concept, yet the popularity of the streak effect evinces no sign of abating in its demand and appeal. Stepping up their deportment is the new inclination to go for bolder hair shades that offer a louder style statement and provide a catchier and chirpier outlook of the streaked hairstyles where a combination of contrasting shades matters.

streak hair colour fashion 2014

Getting a grip over the art of styling is indeed a talent yet it has been made simple and fun-filled with the use of coloring techniques which have offered more daunting and elevating style options for redefining your tedious looks.

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