How to Choose The Right Haircut and Styles

How to choose the right haircut determines all the factors upon which your eye grabbing look depends. In order to work out which haircut will look the most appropriate with respect to your profile, you first need to figure out your face shape and geometry.

Yes, you must take in concern your facial features when experimenting with cuts and styles because your aim should always be to highlight your best attributes and complimenting them, while compensating your non pleasing features.

Become an A-list hair stylist by bringing perspective to the overall shape and framing your face most attractively. Trending hairstyles and cuts always seem welcoming but it is you who needs to decide, which cut looks most flattering on you!

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How to choose the right haircut

We have rounded up some helpful tips and advices for you to take into concern, the next time you opt for a new cut for yourself. The principle task is determining your face cut which are of the following types:

  1. Oval Shape Haircuts


  • A Curved shape
  • Forehead and chin are about the same width
  • Wide cheekbones

Haircuts for Oval shape

Side swept bangs + Bob

A bob gracefully grazing the collarbone is an ideal pick to add softness to a wide face.

Blunt fringes

You can draw attention through blunt bangs cut across the forehead for breaking up the width elegantly.

  1. Heart Shaped Face type


  • Wide Forehead, Full cheekbones and narrow jaw line.

Heart Shaped Face hairstyles

Flowing Side Part

Long hair definitely suits a heart shaped face structure with added bangs and a side part.

Long Bob

Below the jaw-length compromises the ‘heart’s’ width and gives layers around the the chin.

Layered, long hair

Flatter your profile to the extent by opting for a wavy yet long haircut that emphasizes your best features.

  1. Haircuts for Square Shape


  • Angular jaw line
  • Prominent and same width forehead

Square Shape hairstyles

Layered bob

The smoothing and wavy layers of the bob which begin from jaw line and downwards fit perfectly in your profile of a square shaped face.

Loose Curls

Avoiding thick and straight bangs you can opt for some curls which will immensely accentuate the broad and strong forehead and chin.

  1. Round Face Style Cuts


  • Wide cheekbones
  • Jaw line is round and circular shaped

Round Face Haircuts

Sassy Pixie

A pixie cut might be the best way to highlight and further flatter those full cheekbones also bringing attention towards the eyes.

Angled Bob

Extra slimming of hair at the roots of an angled bob brings a dramatic sweep towards the nape of your neck for an alluring effect.

  1. Diamond Face Structure


  • Longer face with pointy chin
  • High set cheekbones and narrow jaw line

Haircuts for Diamond Face shape

Classic Bob

Compliment your attractive bone structure with a classic Rihanna Style bob haircut with asymmetrical angles.

Flipped out Layers

Maintain the length of the bangs below the brow while the flipped out look of the bangs incorporates chic and elegance in your stride. Ladies, Pick out the most flattering hairstyles and trendy cuts for your profile by easily going through the do’s and don’ts of how to choose the right haircut, with a respective face cut of every individual.

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