Bun Hairstyles Ideas for Every Hair Length

The current bun hairstyles are extremely stylish with such easily recreated gorgeousness that you wouldn’t feel the necessity of a qualified hand.

These Bohemian hairstyles admire you with sincere flattery with not only a carefree bun right at your home but also put you in line with the latest fashion statements.

Emancipate yourself from the mainstream similarities and check out these state-of-the-art hair-dos which have not only come out to be a killer trend in this heat but also award you the adored feminine look accessorized by beauteous braided headbands, bows and much more.

So, pin up that hair with chic and style and let the inner celebrity in you wow the masses!

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New Bun Hairstyles 2016

Sleek and Twisted Side Bun

This fancy look is simple yet sultry. The sophisticated bun is an intensified boost from the conventional side bun that pairs up perfectly with your exquisite attire.

It adds abundant style and dimensions with a cluster of twists and loses strands that frame the face perfectly.

Sleek Twisted Side Bun for 2016

Sleek Twisted Side Bun 2016

Sleek and Twisted Side Bun 2016

Soft top Ballerina Bun

This effortless style can be managed in a matter of seconds by pulling the hair near the top of the head crown and encasing it into a chic ballerina style bun.

This adds a dash of attitude in your stride giving it a charming physique that can be worn at versatile occasions.

Soft top Ballerina Bun 2016

2016 Soft top Ballerina Bun

Formal, Messy Braids of Glory

This elaborate hairstyle is to add a little oomph to your traditional low bun with a multitude of lovely braids wrapped up brilliantly on either side of the head crown as a tight side bun.

The additional volume towards the front gives this magnificent style a bit of height, worn casually or classy.

Formal Messy Braided Bun 2016

Messy Braids Bun 2016

Buns with Braids and Bows

Is there anything more magnificently adorn and girly this ultimate combo?

Surely, not! Show off your daintiness by simply throwing your hair up in an elegant high bun incorporated with a brilliant braid wrapped around it, finished off with a preferably pink or black satin bow for a Bella Thorne or Eva Longoria’s style that can’t be missed.

Bun with Braids and Bows 2016

Buns with Braids and Bows 2016

Voluminous & Curly updo

Who knew you could add plenty of volume to the side bun nestled together with tons of stunning curls. I mean, WOAH!

This crazy volume certainly takes the show. Not to mention curly strands framing the side of the face polished off with striking highlights.

This bun hairstyle has positively rocked the fashion gurus.

Voluminous-Curly Updo 2016

Voluminous Curly updo for 2016

Waterfall French Braid knotted updo

My personal favorite and by far the epitome of daintiness is the French braid gorgeous twist that not only emphasizes around the back, pinned flawlessly into a classy updo but this haircut is finished with a floral headband around the hair crown.

After all, there is nothing that shouts femininity more than a lady decorated with flowers. Pair it up with your best floral sundress or jeans for a funky, refreshing look.

Waterfall French Braid Updo 2016

Waterfall French Braid knotted Updo for 2016

Ladies, splash a bit of attitude and cutting-edge styles with soft yet genuine and fancy bun hairstyles 2016 and let the compliments pour in your way.

The buns which ooze drama, intensity and fashionista all wrapped up into one are certain to make heads turn!

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