Healthy Diet for Gorgeous Hair Must Try It

Healthy diet for gorgeous hair includes all the required food items for meals that work as beauty treatments for not only your hair but also nails, lashes and glowing skin. Are you frustrated of having limp and rough hair irrespective of all chemical grooming products that you use?

That is because your approach to luscious and shinier strands is wrong. Like skin, our hair also requires beauty boosters like all the essentials of proteins, vitamins, iron and dairy products in our diet for hair that does not age too quickly and also isn’t prone to breaking off at a faster rate than usual. Instead of grooming yourself with expensive sprays, gels and serums or masking your natural hair with extensions, make way to the kitchen and see massive change in your appearance within two weeks by incorporating the following items in your diet.

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Healthy diet for gorgeous hair

Blueberry Goodness for Hair

Start your morning breakfast with a nutritious healthy bowl of cereal or yoghurt with a handful of blueberries for shiny hair. Blueberries are nutrient superheroes of antioxidants being a source of vitamin C. Apart from being delicious; this fruit ensures maximum circulation in your scalp to augment the hair follicles. Start the day perfectly right with the smart choices of cherries, blackberries, pomegranate and strawberries for a Healthy diet for gorgeous hair.

Blueberry Goodness for health hair

Salmons as Healthy Diet for Gorgeous Hair

Toughen your fragile hair with the recent research of excessive omega 3 fatty acids in salmon that is the superstar in a healthy diet for gorgeous hair. In order to keep your hair and body hydrated, a sufficient amount of foods rich in fatty acids are highly necessary as your body can’t produce it itself. 3 ounces of salmon will surely bring about rapid change in your hair by strengthening it.

Salmons for healthy gorgeous hair

Leafy Green Veggies for Hair Protection

Foods like spinach and broccoli are ideal choices when it comes to maintain a healthy diet for gorgeous hair. Pick up the fork and up your intake of vitamin C potent greens incorporated as a fresh salad with nutritional goodness of fresh carrots, grilled chicken, tomatoes and fruits like berries for a dish that is not only finger licking good but also nutrient packed in its ingredients.

Leafy Green Veggies for hair protection

Nuts and dried fruits for Gorgeous Hair

Your hair daily gets damaged from the harmful UV sun radiations. In order to reverse this effect, incorporate a significant quantity of biotin, iron, zinc and fatty acids rich foods like walnuts or Brazil nuts. You can also opt to grab a handful of almonds, beans and lentils for well moisturized hair that tend to deliver all benefits in a healthy diet for gorgeous hair.

Nuts and dried fruits for gorgeous hair

Poultry & Eggs for Healthy Hair

Give your hair a punch of additional nutrition with a variety of minerals and vitamins for a full head of hair with the choice of proteins in poultry like in chicken, beef and eggs. Being the building block for growth and hair, these sources are absolutely essential in your everyday diet.

chicken for healthy hair

eggs for healthy gorgeous hair

Ladies, experiment with the best hair care techniques that include the above top 5 ingredients in a healthy diet for gorgeous hair.

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