Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Men for 2021

The concern of 2021 Hair loss in women and men is gradually becoming a very serious topic as most of the people are unaware of its causes and consequently live their lives in distress and worry of the future. Hair loss should never be ignored no matter it is observed in any age, because the early stages of some of its causes can be treated before you lose a lot of hair.

As it is a well-known fact that about 50-100 hair strands are normal to be broken and lost but there are many who suffer from excessive hair loss over the years. Some of the reason can be temporary and fixable while others are permanent. Therefore we have listed a few common reasons for it so that you might take them into account and prepare a remedy.

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Causes of Hair loss in women and men

Hormonal causes Hair Loss in Women and Men

Hair growth and hair loss in women and men are proven to be through hormonal changes or the cause might be genetic. The hormonal changes people often go through can most likely affect hair in a way that it starts to thin. This effect is observed to be in a specific pattern in men that is male pattern baldness while women undergo it throughout their whole crown. Therefore it is a must to recognize the cause of your hair loss.

Hormonal causes for hair loss

Hair Loss Due to Illness and Diseases

This kind of hair loss in 2021 women and men is more on the temporary side as the hair follicles suffer imbalance but they come back to normal condition once the body has recovered.

  • Major surgeries

People, who go through major operations and surgeries, undergo excessive shedding of hair within the latter months of their operations. This is mostly due to shock the human body and the system.

  • Alopecia

Alopecia is the most common type of hair loss disease experienced by people. It is caused by the body’s own immune system. Although there are drugs and medications available to reverse the effect of hair loss in women and men but most of the people aren’t aware of it and therefore do not get it checked out.

surgeries in hair loss

Hair loss due to alopecia

Hair Loss by Stress

Stressful events can cause hair loss as well that may be during or after the stressful period but most often the hair grows back within few months unless the cause is severe.

Hair loss by Stress

Hair Loss due to Malnutrition

Deficiency of important food groups in diets is a very common cause of hair loss in women and men. Abnormal eating habits that do not emphasize on the intake of protein, which is the main food for hair growth and maintenance may observe hair shedding easily from the roots.

Hair loss due to Malnutrition

Hair Styling Causes Hair Loss

Dyes, bleaches and the daily use of straighteners, relaxers and blow dryers make the hair weak over time and eventually they fall off. In the same way bleaches with powerful chemicals can have adverse effects too.

Hair loss due to Hairstyling

Hair loss in women and men can be reversed using treatments and techniques once one of the causes from the list above are identified, as hair is a major part of a better appearance and look.

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