Attractive Curly Hairstyles for Men

Curly hairstyles for men are quite in these days as guys like to embrace season’s fashions with equal level of enthusiasm. As for men, it is easier to experiment with different funky styles every season with various styling techniques and haircuts.

Men with curly hair now have the chance to select from a range of appealing options which account for longer as well as shorter hair according to the formal and casual events. Or if you might like, you can select a signature style for yourself and wear with ease and boldness to your best advantage. Stand out among the crowd with an unruly look or preppy and tamed styles that have made notable success among top male models and unique fashion statements.

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Curly hairstyles for men

Cropped Blonde Curly Hairstyles for Men

A very dainty look for men to wear their curly hair is to keep them cropped from the sides and front. This curly hairstyle for men is ideal when it comes to those men who have a high profile job that ends up in conferences and fancy dinners. Fashioning the men of relatively more age, the cropped hair has a very appealing hairline in the front while the curls are allowed to be a bit longer at the top of the crown.

Cropped blonde curly hairstyles for men

Timberlake Replica Curly Hairstyles

Give a tribute to the king of modern music by adopting his evergreen hairstyle of taming back his curls with products that adds a sleek and shiny look to it. This look is for hair that does not have much curls but rather waves that look absolutely handsome as an option for curly hairstyle for men. The sides of hair are to be cut very short in a crew cut shaped manner while the top is sleeked back with gel for a formal party and a very manly yet sophisticated look.

Timberlake curly hairstyles

Spiral Mens Curly hairstyles

If you are a guy who is blessed with sexy spirals that are separate and your face structure is more on the oval and pear side, then growing out this hair is an experiment worth trying among the curly hairstyles for men. Only few guys look dashing in enhanced spirals with a touch of highlights, and if you are one of those then rock this do with confidence and a pair of studious Rayban glasses for an out and out modern hairstyle.

Spiral curly hairstyle for men

Curly Shaggy But rocking!

Shaggy hairdo has an appealing aura to it with its tendency to reflect confidence as well as a rock star look in a man greatly inspired from the Nick Jonas look. Shaggy hairstyle is at the top of the chart with its varieties in its styling options. This curly hairstyle for men works best for hair that is loose and wavy. The trick to fashioning this hairstyle among guys is to keep its length more at the crown instead of growing it downward in order to avoid a total wild mountain look.

curly Shaggy hairstyle for men

Guys, convert your routine and monotonous hairstyles into the top celebrity inspirational styles among curly hairstyles for men for an overall ten on ten profile.

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