1950s Fashion Trends for Teenagers

The 1950s fashion trends for teenagers had been dominated by emerging influences throughout the world. The word ‘teenagers’ was not coined among the people up until then.

Once the styles began to evolve, the fashion choices for the teenage became more particular and showed more sense respective to the age groups.

Rock and roll as well as the cinema’s effect swept continents and were incorporated in most of the fashion statements irrespective of gender.

Teenage fashion was not only dainty, elegant and classy, but it also reflected the posh upper class look among the commoners with not-so revealing outfits and fun trends, perfect for the daily wear.

Those attires which were worn in formal parties were not much different from the regulars.

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1950s Fashion Trends for Teenagers

1950s Teenage Girls’ Fashion

Knee length dresses were popular among the 1950s fashion trends for teenage girls. The girls wore neatly plaited skirts with cardigans and blouses of numerous kinds.

The knee length skirts were either of the jump suit kind which started off with two straps from the front with a blouse inside or a simple skirt tied fashionably and hugging smartly at the waist with a belt.

  • The Beatnik Girl

This style incorporated chunky black sweaters with pencil skirts and fitted cardigans or petticoats coupled with a narrow belt.

50s Beatnik Girl

  • Buckled shoes & Small pencil heels

Buckled shoes were a favorite of the 1950s teenagers which gave a highly innocent school girl look while the mid length pencil heels were opted for proms and formal evenings.

Buckled shoes & Small pencil heels

  • Retro hairstyles

Short hairstyles were commonly adopted as a populous fashion trend of teenagers in the 1950s. This retro look was styled in buns, bobs and two ponytails with a headband reflecting an attractive profile.

50s Retro hairstyles

Teenage 50s Boys’ Fashion

A lot of versatility was found among the 1950’s fashion trends of teenagers specially the teenage boys. Trendy blazers, Buttoned down shirt, ties and suede shoes were a hit!

  • The ‘Teddy Boy’ style

The teddy boy style quickly hit the markets in that era with its unique knee- length jackets and woolen coats with satin cuffs and velvet cloth, high waisted, slim fitted ‘drainpipe’ trousers coupled with pointy shoes.

50s Teddy Boy style

  • The ‘Elvis Presley’ style

Elvis Presley had strung the chord all over the streets with youthful flashy colors and amusing styles. Unbuttoned shirts and ‘duck tail’ hair was the Elvis replica fashioning the teenage boys of the 1950s.

Elvis Presley style 1950s

  • The ‘Dudes’

The 1950’s rugged yet classy look was supported by the Dude where American teenagers dressed in Buttoned jackets, pleated pants with high waistline and turned up cuffs.

Dudes style 50s

  • Slicked Back hairstyle

The top hairstyle of boys in those times was the slicked back hairdo which was gelled to perfection. Long side burns were also a teenage favorite that reflected the top celebrity inspirations of that era.

1950s Slicked Back hairstyle

A more liberated and fashionably evolved 1950s fashion trends for teenagers can be observed with the teenage market focusing on the upper class inspired styles, which can easily be replicated with a touch of 2014 sense of style in the current era.

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