Top 9 Best Boys Hairstyles for 2021

The irresistible boys hairstyles this season have not left behind the list of female hairstyles with their top of the chart cuts and trendy styles. Guys these days are not only concerned with their hairstyles but rather they opt for the best look that perfectly suits their personality alongside the fashion charts for a maximized razzle-dazzle effect to the ladies out there!

Hairstyles are difficult to opt for when walking in the shoes of a now-a-day teenager, but don’t worry boys, we haven’t ignored your demands and dilemmas. These modern styles are a far cry from being boring rather these top 9 looks are unique, hot, in-season and oh yeah, ‘girl approved’.

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  1. Cropped Short do

The 2021 cropped hairstyle for guys is the way to go this season in view of this scorching heat. Simple and sexy, short and uniform length hair all over your head has always been a lady’s favorite but adding some variation of creating a bit of height to it, by keeping it marginally longer at the top, makes it a jaw-dropping and super easily styled hairdo. After all, who doesn’t adore a guy in a uniform and cropped up hairdo!

Short Cropped hair for boys

  1. Slicked Back ‘Beckham’ Hairdo

The Football buzz this season is certainly infectious. Boys, we have an ultra-stylish and resounding style for you to try and help you channel your inner football superstar out. Short on the sides with a bit of length on top, elegantly slicked back with hair gel is ever-so gorgeous and hot in the market!

Slicked back Beckham haircuts

  1. Faux Hauk + Spikes

Give a new twist to the classic spikes by giving it lively variations with faux hawk styled hairdo. What you boys need to do is to keep the hair tight on the sides and let your hair grow out on the crown. Next, grab an effective hair gel and rustle them up into spikes making an arbitrary faux hawk directed towards the center or tilted on one side. This style has most definitely redefined the classic giving a million dollar look to square shaped face structures.

Faux Hauk and spikes

  1. Front flirty & Sleek Bangs

Not everyone can rock a long hairdo but fine hair when grown out and well-trimmed can be fashioned into frontal, cheek-length sleek bangs styled particularly with wet gels not only gives a cool look in summers but also maintains the flirtiness and rockstar look of which boys are a fan .

Boys sleek bangs hairstyles

  1. The classic ‘Zac Efron’

Inspired by the young heart-throb is not only the adored chocolate boy look but also the casual yet trendy and formal side parted hairstyle, roughly spiked into random directions perfect for easy-going boys with a trendy taste.

Zac Efron hairstyle

  1. Long and Messy Look

Nothing screams rockstar more than a shaggy and messy look for longer hair. Whether your hair is straight or curly, this style can be easily adopted. Many guys easily handle these hairdos bringing out their desire for long hair with rugged and sporty masculinity.

Long messy look for boys

  1. Front Combed Waves

Serious appeal and cheekiness is in the front waves making their way to the top boys hairstyles. This hairstyle 2021 requires bit longer locks which are side parted and then combed off on one side through mousse giving it an added chic look.

Boys Front Combed Waves

  1. Short and Brushed forward

Add the rebellious, musician styled bad-boy naughtiness to your short hair through one part slicked and one part short hair brushed forward towards the side of your forehead giving it the strategic edge.

Boys short brushed hair

  1. The Buzz Cut Look

The soldiers’ inspired buzz cut look as been a turn on for the ladies because of its raw and dominant masculinity. This style best suits those with a round head by keeping same length hair all over your head or keep more hair on the crown and less on sides. Maintenance of this sexy 2021 hairstyle is crucial though.

Buzz Cut boys Look

Hairstyles greatly reflect your personality and likeness. Guys, add variations to the classic and shake up your flare with these cutting edge boys hairstyles guaranteed to make you the life of the party!

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