Classic Twisted Updo Hairstyles for Women

Updo hairstyles showcase an inspiring and charming tucked-in look that is neat in its do, along with easy maintenance keeping it secure for long hours of work.

Take your long hair to new heights with improved techniques for sassy updos that will spice up your everyday routine.

Furthermore, updo hairstyles not only work for long hair but rather for all-length hair because of variations and varieties in their styling techniques.

A fabulous and plain do, neatly detailed with bobby pins is sometimes your only way out of a bad hair day. Not just fancy occasions, but casual days can also be made exciting by these easy to recreate updo hairdos for a dainty and delectable look.

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Updo hairstyles

Updo Teased with Twists

A popular choice among updo hairstyles is a slight bump in the crown with a messy hairdo as a whole.

The advantage of this hairstyle is that the messy bun will be a ravishing hairdo to look at among the crowd.

With the addition of glowing hair color, this look can top the chart with a side part while detailed twists are neatly twisted together and pinned with the rest of the bun.

The main attraction is surely the teased crown, which doesn’t give an effect of too slicked or stuffy hairdo, but rather an adorable and eye-grabbing updo hairstyle.

Updo Teased with twists

Plainly Beautiful Updo Hairstyles

The simpler the updo hairstyle, the more attractive it will look. This trick enticingly works for this particular hairdo, where a plain or checkered and glittery hairband is brought into use, which swiftly keeps the bun in place, along with framing the strands of hair tresses grazing your chin.

The front bangs can be worked into soft curls that add enough glamour to them, which is perfect for proms and brides.

Plainly beautiful updo hairstyles

Timeless classic Updo

Go for a timeless beauty of retro combined with the spiciness of a modern touch in this particular selection among updo hairstyles.

The trick of perfecting this style is to blow-dry the hair back and use a small bump to create an elevated yet elegant height that lifts up your profile as a whole.

The attraction is the front fringes, which side part and fall flawlessly just above the eyebrows for a look appropriate for long gowns.

Gather and pin your hair at the back in the form of a low bun while using a setting hair spray in the end for a bewitching and set updo hairstyle.

updo hair-with-bangs

Braided Updo yet Breathtaking

Why not opt for the master and guru of all updo hairstyles, the classy and braided beauty bound to bring out the inner flawless lady in you. Add flair and extra chic-ness to your look, with fishtails and waterfall braids incorporated in ravishing updos.

Braided updo haircuts

Take a twist at the French pigtails by making them on either side of the crown, and stunningly twisting the two braids in a low bun at the nape of your neck as a fabulous face-framing look.

Updo hairstyles are sweeping the charts, especially this season with tons of alterations in the classic beauties.

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