Best Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

Updo hairstyles for long hair are the epitome of poised and finessed look that is often demanded by certain occasions. The greatest advantage of having long hair is that you can fashion them into flawless and absolutely stunning hairdos that still remain medium length even after styling without the use of extensions.

Formal events call for dressing long hair into pretty hairstyles and consequently you can save yourself from the damages of heat styling by incorporating these hairstyles in your profile. Wearing your hair tresses up during these warmer seasons will leave you alone from the nuisance of sweaty necks and humidity. Therefore, suit your personality with these creatively styled hairstyles which are less time consuming and easy to fashion on a daily basis.

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Updo hairstyles for long hair

Braided Glam: Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

When it comes to long hair, experimenting with braids is the perfect choice for instant allure. And when braids meet detailed updos, say hello to lady of the evening! This is surely the most bewitching look that you can manage for an elegant evening to guarantee head turners. Braid at one saide of the crown with loosely hanging curly tresses. This hairstyle is a bit on the technical side which includes making four braids at the nape, front of the ear, loosely made near the crown and fourth braid secured behind the ear. The combo of this braided excellence is picture perfect!

Braided updo hairstyles for long hair

Twisted with Ribbons Long Updos

Add an innovation of ribbons in your hairstyle really pumps up its sassiness and gives you that extra OOMPH. Twists are a personal favorite among updo hairstyles for long hair with variations and bumps at the back for fine detailing. Experiment with a broad ribbon stretching from the middle part of your crown all the way above and below the twists for the illusion of a complicated charm!

Twisted with Ribbons long updos

Messy updo Stylish Hairstyles for Long Hair

A messy updo is by far a red carpet signature hairstyle with celebrities rocking a tangled updo with grace! This super stylish updo requires a mix of curly and straight hair for a voguish look. After curling from the middle to downwards of your hair locks stretch them up with a soft hand and use bobby pins to secure. After the look is complete, the bunch of curls, give the view of a messy hairdo while the front of the hairstyle is beautified by a neck length layer from a deep side part.

messy updo hairstyles for long hair

The Updo Chignon Hairstyles for Long Hair

The mark of true delicacy in updo hairstyles for long hair is the low hanging chignon that is a hairdo which is easily mastered and often fashioned among the ladies at multiple occasions and event. The chignon is a style that can be recreated in a matter of minutes using a little help from styling appliances.

updo chignon hairstyles for long hair

Blow dry your hair into soft waves that cover the entire back of your crown. Then start pinning up hair neatly from the side of your nape till all the hair is secured. Pull the chignon for a slightly messy look and there goes your top glamorous look for an outing. Fall in love with these delicate and classy updo hairstyles for long hair that showcase the look of a goddess in you!

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