Easy Girls Updo Hairstyles and Haircuts

Girls updo hairstyles with the right tricks and techniques keep your hair tresses pulled up in the most gorgeous manner! Most of the times girls do not opt for updo hairdos because of their complexity but under the observations of leading stylists we have assembled these perfect hairstyles for you to be recreated in no time.

Updos are highly popular and loaded with attraction with their taste that satisfies all occasions. These hairstyles are undoubtedly a great remedy for those disheveled hair that turns rough and unmanageable to pretty and sophisticated in no time! Plan out the scorching heat of the summer with easy to master hairstyle that keeps you cool and matches your funky attire of the summer season with the right tools!

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girls updo hairstyles

Curly Side Bun Girls updo Hairstyles

Side buns have a chic look that is ever so dazzling to the eyes! Also, you don’t have to worry about your hairstyle looking too clamped and tight around the head with this hairdo.

How to:

  1. Start off by using an appropriate moose for styling and keeping the curls intact.
  2. Blow dry all of your hair and start curling sections of the hair on one side with a curling iron.
  3. Use a thinner approximately ¾-inch barrel for the mid lengths.
  4. Secure the curls with bobby pins that don’t hang too loose and voila, your glamorous look is complete.

curly side bun updo

The vertical Twist Updos

Introduce an innovative look to the classic by merging a messy look with a twist cum bun that is vertically piled high on the top of the crown and makes it out to be star studded with celebrity influence in girls updo hairstyles.

How to:

  1. Grab a vloumizing cream for this hairdo due to its messy updo layers.
  2. Neatly gather all the hair at the top and secure it with elastic.
  3. Shape it into a ponytail like hairdo and twist the coils inwards and around each other.
  4. Use bobby pins to secure your high bun and loosen the edges with your fingers for a messy yet dainty finish!

vertical twist high bun updos

Flirty fringes Girls Updo

Girls, go bold with those forehead length fringes with these easy instructions that not only accentuate the eyes but also manage for an eye catching girly hairstyle.

How to:

  1. Use a serum through dried hair for a polished and glossy look.
  2. Let your fringes fall forward neatly by making a part.
  3. Style your long hair with the consequent use of finger tips and paddle brushes for the look of a low hanging bun.
  4. To add spice to this girls updo hairstyle, you can add curls to a few loosely hanging tresses in front.

Flirty fringes girls updos

Milkmaid Braid Updos Frenzy

Milkmaid braids are the foundation of fashioning your updos in the most elegant style possible for all kinds of events. It is evidently a summer favorite among the girls updo hairstyles.

How to:

  1. Begin by parting your hair in the middle and styling in a simple braid along the ear line.
  2. After securing it with bobby pins, use the other partition of your hair for another braid that gathers up at the earlier at the top of the crown.
  3. Accent your hairdo with flowers or leave out few wispy hairs in front.

Girls Milkmaid braids updos

Channel your inner fashionista girls, and bring versatility to your profile with these girls updo hairstyles that finishes off complicated hairstyles in the easiest ways!

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