10 Cutest Long Layered Haircuts with Various Types

Long layered haircuts can add sufficient texture and elegance to your style through easy-to-do tricks. Long length locks seem to be a burden to most of the ladies, especially in this hot season. Moreover, one-length haircut tends to be boring over time as there are only limited ways in which you can fashion them.

Removing weight from your hair through trendy and chic haircuts will not only give you an ideal edge from the usual but these haircuts may also perfectly frame your face without losing length. Show stopper long hairdos scream Fashion and style through blow-dries and appropriate cuts which suit your face. Take a peep at these long layers and redefine your look thereafter.

Cutest Long Layered Haircuts

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Long Layers with Fringes

Long layers by themselves are flattering but you can add spice to it with sweet forehead-length fringes. Fringes always give that girl next door, funky and casual look that most of the teenagers opt for. Ask your stylist to cut your fringes in a way that frames the outer corners of those eyes with a triangle shape. The fringes should just be aligned with your eyebrows because hair when blocks your view can be a nuisance. Elect this haircut for a dainty look this season.

Cascading Long Layers

Long hair can be modified into state-of-the-art contemporary look with front layers starting at the cheek bones, sliced with a razor for fine edges. The tricks for keeping long layers intact is to not meddle with the length rather add few layers to the front, with sufficient distance apart. These face framing layers are till shoulder-length while the rest of the hair cascades down your back in one length. This haircut is surely the combo of elegance and seduction.

Face Framing Long Layered Haircuts

Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs frame your face and adds tons of body to your long layers with a touch of voguish styled beauty. To achieve the perfect long layered sexiness, get a U or V shaped haircut carefully maintaining your long-length locks. The perfect high school look is the side bangs when blow-dried gives your hair frame a bewitching fall and charisma.

Long Layered Curly Haircut

Long layers don’t always need to be styled with bangs but one can rather experiment with a curling iron. The best advantage of long layers is that when they are curled, the curls stay put whether they are loose or tight with different lengths, giving you the admired red-carpet appeal. These curls can be fashioned with a side parted braid from the top of the hair crown till the chin for an extra OOMPH factor!

Middle Parted Long layers

The perfect addition to your layered haircut is the middle part. The layers must start from chin length and so-forth. Add graceful appearance to your round shaped face with a natural or colored hair color. The middle part is an evergreen celebrity inspired look which has swept the fashion statements due its styling varieties. These layers can be curled inwards, straightened or curled on either side of the face for a bounce of the season!

Freshen up your look by seizing those stylist’s scissors for the top 5 long layered haircuts guaranteed to electrify the crowd! Ladies, play around with those long locks for a new fashion statement with your own personal touch to it.

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