Hottest Current Women Hairstyles 2016

Women hairstyles 2016 are here to revitalize your look and we might just have the thing for you. Pull off effortless yet elegant and chic hairstyles with some wacky, some sexy and some stylish casual hairstyles and find your pick of glamour this season. This list of modern hairstyles is perfected in minutes in the convenience of your own home and they are creative and artistic none the less.

These dominating styles will definitely score a hit on the upcoming fashion statements, redefining the contemporary hair fashion to a whole new level. Ladies, ditch your repetitive hairstyle and start experimenting with your hair (in the good way) with these stunning hairstyles certain to make you drool!

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Sassy Fishtail Haircut 2016

Sassy Fishtail Braided Haircut 2016

Sassy Fishtail Hairstyle 2016

Making its way up to the top-notch trend are the diversified braids but this hairdo looks like the style that is here to stay! Leave out a few strands of hair to create a messy look, pull up your hair from the middle to a foxy fishtail on the side, secure it with a pony and you’re done with the most elegant style of this season.

Side Swept Hairstyle 2016

Side Swept Long Hairstyle 2016

Women Side Swept Hair 2016

Side Swept Hairstyle 2016

My personal obsession and the current ‘in style’ is the side-sweep action augmented to perfection by adding highlights and rich colours. This style is suitable to almost every mid-length/long haircuts with thicker hair. Simply curl the ends of your hair and bring them towards the side striking the utmost sweetheart look.

Layered Women Hair

Layered Women Hair 2016

Layered Hairstyle for Women 2016

A great way to turn heads and really make those eyes pop are the stunning, natural looking layers and feathers perfectly framing your face on either side. This look is really creating a bang which is no surprise. Great ways to soften those textures are the side bangs and edgy layers.

Feminine Chignon Style 2016

Chignon updo Hairstyle 2016

Feminine Chignon Style 2016

Here’s a classical way to save yourself from the scorching heat and still look dashing while doing it. A chignon pinned up with floral on the side, works out for all your casual and special plans. If desired, add a curly touch to this haircut with stylish sundresses to add sleekness to your look.

Fancy Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ponytail 2016 for Women

Fancy Twisted Ponytail 2016

Side ponytail is ultra-chic and simple to wear this year luckily making way to the top of women hairstyles 2016. You can easily innovate it by mastering in a fishtail or wearing a mermaid-inspired hairdo. Roll the hair inwards towards the pony tail and add a sassy hair pin on the side for an added flair.

Retro Hairstyle Women 2016

Retro Hairstyle Women 2016

Women Retro Hairstyle 2016

Dress up in dainty gloves, frocks and impeccable styled hair to bring back the glory days of the past. Blend the old and the new with such bumps and back combing that outshines this era. What you need to do is back comb hair till the back and tucks the ends with bobby pins. Next, side-sweep the fringe and hold it all with some light hair spray. Viola! You’re good to go for a foxy night out.

Current Women Hairstyles 2016

Ladies, work those massive volumes, bouncy curls and a glossy finish. From celebrities to models at runways, this is your try out list for women hairstyles 2016! Opt one and find your timeless beauty, soaring the mainstream this season. So, break out your weekends’ best, prep up a glossy lip colour, make a fancy hairdo and get ready for a close up!

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