Natural Treatments to Remove Blackheads

Natural Treatment to remove Blackheads keeps your skin clean from excessive oil and dead skin cells which are the leading causes of blackheads. Blackheads are a form of skin problem of clogged pores and dark spots on the surface of your skin (especially on nose) but fear not, we have rounded up some of the most striking face packs by just employing home ingredients to treat these black monsters rather than squeezing these pores which can lead to skin damage.

Blackheads appear on the skin of men and women of all ages due to pollution, unclean skin and excessive use of cosmetics or hormonal changes. Luckily, blackheads if treated earlier and prevented, do not require prescription medicines but rather daily use ingredients will do the trick!

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Natural Treatments to remove Blackheads

Following are top 5 natural home remedies to clean your pores and blackheads:


Facial steaming is a rapid and sure-fire way of loosening up your facial pores and driving out the blackheads.


  • Bring 3-4 cups of water to boil.
  • Remove it from the heat source and sit with a towel draped over you like a tent.
  • After few minutes, remove it, wash and dry your face with any cleanser for a rapid result.

Steaming to remove Blackheads

2-Baking Soda face Pack

Baking Soda is an effective treatment to dry up the blackheads and its bleaching property also brightens skin and recovers the coarse texture.


  • Make a baking soda paste with water.
  • Gently scrub it onto the affected area in circular motions.
  • Allow it to dry and rinse off with warm water. Repeat it once or twice a week.

Baking Soda face pack for Blackheads

3- Lemon juice, Honey and Egg whites

This blackhead blasting face mask is the perfect treatment for blackhead removal. Vitamins present in lemons, Antiseptic properties in honey and skin tightening by the egg whites deeply cleanses dead cells and excess oil in pores.


  • Do a facial steaming to open up pores.
  • Massage the face mask using above mentioned ingredients and sit for 15 minutes.
  • Avoid unnecessary facial movement t avoid stretching skin while it dries.
  • Rinse with cold water and then moisturize with a drop of olive oil.

Honey and lemon juice

4-Green Tea Face Mask

Tea leaves are great antioxidants when washed and rinsed with this mask once a week to a soft and glowing skin.


  • Brew a green tea and allow it to reach room temperature.
  • With the addition of sugar and lemon juice mixed well, apply the mask on blackheads affected are.
  • After 15 minutes, rinse off with cold water to close off pores and admire a rejuvenated oil-free skin.

Green Tea Face Mask

5-Yogurt and Almond Paste

Yogurt acts as a gentle exfoliator as its lactic acid benefits skin and destroys germs while almonds are favorable for all skin types.


  • Make a crushed almonds and yogurt paste.
  • Slather it onto your finger and scrub it into pores resulting in a radiant and squeaky clean skin.

Almond Paste and Yogurt

Ladies say goodbye to dark, uneven toned, blackheads infested skin with these easy-to-prepare natural treatments to remove blackheads showing off gleaming, beautiful skin all year.

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