50 Unique Nail Art Designs for 2018 (Best Nail Images)

You would like to put a touch of originality in your makeup, but do not know where to start? Why not try the gorgeous nail art designs! Leave room for your imagination to dress your nails with original and unique designs.

Latest nail designs and images have got the popularity among fashionable women and young girls in these days. Along with the gorgeous hairstyles, dresses, makeup ideas and other beauty trends, nails designs also getting fame in beauty industry around the world.

There are a lot of nail art designs for school and college girls, housewives, professional and for working women. They can find best variations in modern nail arts and also can create a lot unique nail art designs for glamorous and cute look.

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Trendy nail designs ideas are not only long nails dependent but you can also fashion them with all sorts of short nails combining all the hottest trends of the season with vibrating colors. Incorporate these bright color nails in your look which are both stunning and inspired by top style gurus to give your profile a fuller and happening look with the must-wear collection of this season.

These design ideas are not all technical but rather simple and attractive for everyday use. Ladies, boost up your femininity with floral, rhinestones and animal prints for your slender nails and stay in season with the happening fashion. Adopting a funky nail design in your look is a spot on grade ten on the fashion scale!

In this discussion we’ve tried our best to cover up the best ideas of nails for modern ladies. Moreover these nails are amazing source for nails artists also. Both beginners and professionals nail artists can get the fresh nail ideas from these given trends. So let’s take a look on some best nails art designs and ideas that you can easily create with some easy techniques.

1.White & Orange Nail Art

This is so fresh and unique nail art design for women to create nowadays. Best option to wear in summer season. In the same design you can also create different colors and designs if you don’t want to create this kind of nails for you.

You need white, yellow, orange and black nail polishes and nail strips to create this nail design. White and Orange Nail Arts and Designs

2.Pink Purple Nail Design

The beautiful combination of pink and purple nail art designs is really awesome for ladies for cutest hands. As you can see these how charming these nails are looking. This nail art can be creating easily within a few steps. You can use these designs to glow your look when you feel boring or in hot summer days.

You actually need white, purple and pink nail polishes to get create this amazing nail design. You also have to buy a thin nail design brush or pen to create this design.

Pink Purple Nail Designs Trends

3.Sticker Nail Design

Stickers can be creating easily at home by designing on a plastic sheet. Take out this design from paper once it gets dry. You can say, it is one of the easiest nail designs for beginners who don’t know actually how to create the unique designs.

Best Sticker Nail Arts and Designs

4.Colored Cloud Nail Design

Its colorful, easy and bright nail art designs for women and girls to wear in every season of the year. There should be no reason of don’t like this nail art for you. This is best nailing art design to wear in spring and summer seasons. If you want to create this nail design you have to buy a nail brush, light blue, pink and aqua green nail polishes.

Colored Cloud Nail Designs and Nail Arts

5.Yellow & Pink Nail Art

This is another best idea of creating the unique nail art design to get gorgeous hands look. The colorful nail design is really fantastic choice to every lady for special events and occasions. This design can make your personality and dress designs absolutely stunning and cute.

Like to create other nail designs, here you also need nail art strips, yellow, peach and purple nail polishes. Gorgeous Yellow & Pink Nail Arts and Designs

6.Peacock Nail Design

This amazing design is for those women who are going to attend a peacock design printed event. Also for those ladies who usually wear simple dresses. You just have to create on one of two fingers this adorable nail design. Moreover you may also use glitter nail polish or paint to get extra charm with nail art.

Peacock Nail Arts Designs for Women

7.Zebra Stripes Nail Art

This is probably the most fashionable and stylish nail designs idea that’s sweeping the chart! Zebra stripes are a sure go with all kinds of attires and they are relatively easy to create. The simple version of this would be through a manicured nail which is striped with diagonal black lines through a nail art stripper pen or a very thin brush for detailing. Once this is done, use glitter at the bottom of the art for further gorgeousness.

zebra stripes nail design art

8.Bows & Polka Dots

This design is undoubtedly celebrities’’ favorite with a rocking combination of polka dots. The incorporated dots are of a contrasting color than the base color. After applying and drying off the base of your nail, use a dotting tool like a small tube to dip it in the contrasting color and neatly apply it. You color combination can be blue & white or black & white.

Bows and polka dots nail designs

9.Rhinestone Bows Nail Art

Another classic and technical but sexy nail art design is the adoption of rhinestones in your nail art. You need to neatly paste your small rhinestones on the top the nail dot by dot for an alluring bow design that looks extremely adorable.

Nail art in Rhinestone Bows

Get inspired from animals for the wildly trending animal prints of leopards to hello kitties and angry birds to top off the chart.

10.Neon Colored Leopard Prints

Show off your wilder side with the mix and of leopard prints. These can easily be done using the dotting technique on white nails with neon nail colors. Then finish off with a black C shaped outline of those dots and there you go!!

Neon colored leopard prints nail design

11.Nail Design as Snake Prints

This nail design idea is the father of all nail prints that are eye catching and seductive. Snake prints require a specific trick to master. Start off by applying a metallic color to your nails like grey. For the snake shaped print, press over a fishnet on your nails with a black sponge.

Snake Prints nail arts and designs for women

12.Floral Nail Design

Flowers add a very attractive look to your design plus you can add excessive glamour by alternating the nail colors into funky and neon ones. These can also be fashioned into a ladybird or butterfly themes with glitters!

Floral Nail designs ideas for women

13.Black Nail Polish with Gold Stars

Black Polish with Gold Stars Nail Arts

14.Crystal Pastel Nail Art

Crystal Pastel Nail Art Designs

15.Disco Fever Nail Design

Disco Fever Nail Designs Arts

16.Flower Nail Art Image

Flower Nail Arts Images and Designs

17.French Gold Nail Art Design

Best French Gold Nail Art Designs

18.Burgundy & Bright Silver Nail Idea

 Burgundy and Bright Silver Nail Designs

19.Silver Cuffs Nail Art

Fresh Silver Cuffs Nail Art Designs

20.Ziggy Sparkling Nail Art Design

Ziggy Sparkling Edgy Nail Arts for Women

Gorgeous Nail Art Designs

Fresh Nail Images Gallery

Gorgeous Nails Designs Trends

Ladies, add multi dimensions of femininity to your gorgeous attire with these alluring nail art designs for happening parties with your boys and girlfriends.

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