Best Home Remedies to Treat Dark Circles

Having dark circles is not actually the medical concern; however they can be extremely embarrassing and annoying. Almost all of us experience dark circles, those frightening black circles right under the eyes, often are temporary.

Interestingly, they tend to be the 2nd highest dermatological concern.  Certain home remedies to treat dark circles can truly help you get rid of the trauma, which not just make you look older, but stressed, tired plus even depressed.

The easy to arrange herbal ingredients may work gradually, however are definitely the best possible and effective treatment for dark circles. Have a look to them!


The most effective treatment among the home remedies to treat dark circles is the usage of cucumber. No, you do not need to eat it, but you have to apply it. Cucumber is the best skin toner and astringent.

Just squeeze its juice out by your hand or grate it in your food processor, now dip two medium size cotton balls in the juice and directly apply those on your close eyes. Remove them after half an hour, this will not just help removing the dark circles, but will also relax your eyes.

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Home remedies to treat dark circles with Cucumber

Potato in Home Remedies to Treat Dark Circles

You can even use potato juice in place of cucumber, if it is not available at your home. The process is same, potato juice as well, is best to remove dark circles!

Home remedies to treat dark circles by Potato


It works miraculously! Dip the cotton balls placing against your closed eyes, leave it for around half an hour, it will effectively treat, in fact cure your dark circles.

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Rode Water in Home remedies to treat dark circles

USED TEA BAGS as Home Remedies to Treat Dark Circles

Yes you heard it right, used tea bags can work greatly to cure your dark circles. Just apply them on your eyes for around twenty minutes to note visible changes in weeks. Do not forget to cool them prior use!

Home remedies to treat dark circles with used tea bags


A time tested home remedy, almond oil can greatly make a difference. Apply few drops of almond oil before going to bed, rub it well around your dark circles. Let it work over night. Just repeat this process daily till the dark circles are completely removed.

Almond oil in Home remedies to treat dark circles.

PASTE for Home Remedies to Treat Dark Circles

  • Prepare a paste using turmeric, tomato puree, orange lentil flour and lemon juice. Mix well, in fact blend them together to ensure the ingredients form a paste like texture, and now apply the paste on your eyes leaving it for 20 minutes. Rinse it well and repeat the procedure till you notice the difference. The paste is among the most effective herbal treatment of home remedies to treat dark circles.
  • Tomato juice added with the paste of mint leaves applied on your dark circles tends to cure them rapidly and effectively.

Home remedies to treat dark circles with paste

CHANGING LIFESTYLE to Remove Dark Circles

Striving to look healthy through external measures is not just enough for you to look good unless you are healthy from inside. To ensure your eyes free of dark circles, remember:

Home remedies to treat dark circles

  • Drink around 15 glasses of water a day. (a very effective remedy)
  • Fruits and vegetables enriched with fibrous contents must be consumed since it clears your system of toxins hence avoiding dark circles.
  • Lack of sleep is among the chief reason to cause dark circles, thus, sleep well for around 7-8 hours a night.
  • Consume food and fruits enriched with iron and vitamin C to avoid dark circles.
  • Avoid eating junk, smoking and drinking. Maintain a healthy, disciplined lifestyle.
  • Avoid chemical bleach on your face, as it can damage your skin under the eyes causing the dark circles.

So, these were certain home remedies to treat dark circles, hope they help!

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