10 Best Hair Color Ideas You Must Follow

A new haircut you already have in mind? Maybe you also feel like changing your hair color – the hair color ideas have something for everyone.

It does not matter if you have blonde, brunette, black or red hair: The New Year has a range of wonderful nuances for our hair.

Motto: Strong sounds for strong women! Colorists and experts recommend colors and techniques.

There are a lot of hairstyles and hair color ideas for everyone to wear now. We’ve tried our best to collect amazing hair colors trends for ladies who’re looking for fresh hair colors and highlights. These are the given hair colors which are going to be in huge demand in this year.

So let’s discuss these awesome hair color trends so that you may select one of the best color ideas for your hairs to make them attractive right now.

Best Hair Color Ideas and Trends for 2018
  1. Pastel
  2. Copper red or a reddish sting
  3. Toffee, dark and caramel blond with a reddish tint
  4. Pagenta
  5. Honey blond mane
  6. Metallic reflections
  7. Deep brown
  8. Nude beige
  9. Mulled Wine

10. Balayage

You already know the hair dyeing technique Balayage from this year. The French word “balayer” means translated “sweeping” – the strands are freehand painted on the hair and without the approach.

The result: soft shades and a natural look. For brunette types there is  Fallayage. Basically, both techniques but every woman.

Balayage Hair Colors for 2018

9. Pastel

Rainbow hair, the colors of the rainbow, will be a thing of the past next year. The pastel shades are less intense and are not mixed in color. The delicate tones in purple, pink and aqua can be combined with the balayage technique, if you just want to set accents.

Pastel Hair Color Trends 2018 for Women

8. Copper Red or Reddish Style

If you’re not naturally blessed with red hair, just help! The tone is pretty hip in 2018, especially fiery head red and intense red.

Copper Red Highlights and Hair Colors 2018

7. Toffee, Dark and Caramel Blonde Hair Colors

The three shades remain trend as well. There is also a reddish sting that makes the color more exciting.

Best Caramel Toffee Blonde Hair Colors 2018

6. Pagenta

The mixture of purple (purple) and magenta (red-blue) is currently one of the hair color trends in the US. The look has been created by colorist Jamie Sea, who works for the well-known Salon Salt in the state of Connecticut. The most beautiful and natural is the rich tone of brown or black hair.

Pagenta Style Hair Colors 2018 for Women

5. Honey Blond Mane

The evergreen keeps up next year on the trend scale pretty high. Good news: Honigblond stands apart from cool winter types every skin tone. You can also set accents with the balayage hair dyeing technique.

Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2018

4. Metallic Reflections

This look requires some courage: Metallic tones in silver (with gray tint), bronze or gold. The nuances are at the top of fashionistas.

Metallic Reflections Hair Colors for 2018

3. Deep Brown

Looks as tasty as a piece of chocolate, right? The hazelnut brown conjures up an authentic, elegant look.

Deep Brown Hair Color Ideas in 2018

2. Nude Beige

Aschblond and Platinblond created the new color of L’OrĂ©al Professionnel, which – in contrast to Honigblond – seems rather cool.

Nude Beige Hair Color Ideas 2018

1. Mulled Wine

The berry note has slight similarities with the trend tone Pagenta. But look closer, it is darker and mixed from a purple, orange and brown.

Therefore, the nuance looks  like the color of our beloved mulled wine. Mulled Wine or how the sound is also called Burgundy is the perfect winter color and is now already supported.

Mulled Wine Highlights for Long Hair 2018


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