5 Tips How to Choose Right Hairstyles for Face Shape

Last Updated: October 8th, 2017.

Every lady is beautiful. It’s an axiom. And with the right hairstyles and little makeup She becomes gorgeous, stunning, ravishing, irresistible… That’s true. Here are 5 tips on how to enhance your natural beauty with a flattering hairstyle. Here also comes a cool infographic on the subject!

1:Define Your Face Shape.

Since a hairstyle frames your face, it has a direct influence on how you actually look. You may seem slimmer, younger or more beautiful with the right hairstyle, while the wrong hairstyle will hide your best features, showing off or exaggerating something you’d rather conceal. When you know your face shape and how hairstyle lines work for your face, you do not make such disappointing mistakes.

2:Decide How You Want Your Hairstyle To Work For Your Face.

You may have a cute round face and be absolutely happy with it. Then you can go for whatever hairstyle you like, even a pixie with an edgy textured top – it will look fabulous on you. At the same time, you may want a hairstyle with a slimming effect for a round face. In this case, choose straight lobs, longer Wavy Hairstyles or loose updos with face-framing and added height to the crown. See more information on the hairstyle choice for other face shapes in the infographic below.

3:Find Out Your Most Flattering Length.

Yes, length also counts. A long face and long straight hair is a no-no. The same is true for a square face and an extra short haircut. When your length hits at something you are not proud of, like a strong jaw line, for instance, you play against yourself, drawing attention to this feature.

4:Choose Your Perfect Bangs.

Bangs are very popular nowadays. They go well with shorter crops and compliment longer styles. Be particularly meticulous when choosing your most flattering bangs, since they often become the focal point of your hairstyle. Wear light wispy bangs if your face is round. Opt for side bangs if you are a square. Arched and straight-across bangs flatter long faces. Hearts, inverted triangles and diamonds benefit from side-swept bangs and centre-parted fringe.

5:Consider The Texture And Volume.

Lovely curls and waves can flatter any face shape, only their pattern should be different. Voluminous bouncy curls on the sides of your face will suit a long, heart or inverted triangle face, while for a round or square face, they will create the undesired volume that widens a broad face. If you still want to wear them with a round or square face, tease the roots of the crown section for a lift, pin some curls back into a half up half down style and add a few face-framing locks.

Well, ladies, with these simple tips and the additional information from the infographic, you will always know where to add and where to subtract (think volume, texture, length). This is our simple beauty math!:)

What Hairstyle Suits Your Face Shape?

Courtesy of: TheRightHairStyles.com

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