Best Layered Hairstyles for Different Hair Lengths

Last Updated: October 15th, 2017.

Layered hairstyles are the best way to take your locks to the next level that suits your short, medium and long length hair. Get the highly sought-after lively and refreshing look with flirty layers. Craving for a dramatic yet funky new look? Adding layers is the perfect remedy.

Layers not only add shape to one length hair but they also frame your face in the most enthralling way possible, which you probably aren’t even aware of! Classy layers are experimented by ladies as the most populous hairstyle as they remove a lot of weight and maintenance making your profile feels sexier and lighter! These current state of the art haircuts are the ones you need to check out for a breathtaking new look.

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Layered Hairstyles

Short and Funky:

Striking short length hair with voluminous short layers will add great deal of textures to your locks. You can easily augment those attractive short to medium layers with bold highlights along side the layers. The bottom ends of the layers at hair tips are allowed to flip out while razor-cut layers in the front pops the look to a whole new level.

Short and Funky layered hair

Shaggy Layers:

Add youthfulness with fun and shaggy layers throughout your hair. Let the front layers haircut be swept towards the side of a forehead while the front layers start with short layers in the back for a heightened look and shoulder length layers in the front to add interest and flair.

Shaggy layers styles

Chiseled Layers:

Manage to keep that haircut professional yet enticing by adding a lot of movement and class with chiseled layers styled beautifully in your locks. Accent your features with these layers through long bangs falling just under the eyes while layers throughout the hair at small distances are blow-dried beautifully inwards for a face framing epitome!

Chiseled layered cuts

Fringes and flipped out Layers:

Ask your stylist to add huge amounts of texture and layering with versatile flipped and flicked out techniques which work wonders with fringes. Razored bangs or fringes augment the delicacy of the features while the flipped out look gives the ultra twenty first century femininity.

Fringes and flipped out layers

Cascading Curly Layers:

The ultimate all out amazing hairstyle for layers is the bouncy and bodacious curls. The great advantage of having a layered haircut is that blow-dried as well as hot curler styled curls tends to maintain their delicacy for longer periods. Boast those fantastic layers with full or half-length hair curls transferring your usual curly hairstyle to the soft, cascading heaven of hairstyles.

Cascading Curly layers

Sleek and minimal Layers:

Do you fear from losing the desired length of your hair through layered hairstyles? Think again! Layers can be styled and cut in a modern, contemporary way by keeping minimal layers at the top of the hair with just 2 part layers started right at the chin and feathered downwards slowly. This style is not only super chic, but the one length illusion at the front side of face adds great class and sophistication to your look.

Sleek and minimal layers

Change up your look with gorgeous layered hairstyles ready to rock your stride with electrifying texture and never ending styling possibilities!

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