Bridal Hairstyles with Unique Wedding Haircuts

Last Updated: July 30th, 2015.

These bridal hairstyles are a collection of the most glamorous and unique hairstyles for women who are awaiting their special day! Appear your groomed and stunning self on the day when you are the center of attention of all the guests therefore you cannot risk not looking your best with traditional Eastern as well as Western styles that suit every bride-to-be out there and gives them inspiration to follow these sophisticated looks.

With the assistance of stylists, recreate your ideal hairdo and create a picture perfect moment for your wedding ceremony. With slight modifications in these glamorous hairstyles when coupled with your graceful wedding dress, lock all eyes on yourself and capture the groom’s million dollar smile in your appraisal.

Bridal Hairstyles
Bridal Hairstyles

The very Graceful Bridal Chignon:

A well detailed and braided chignon is among the favorites of western bridal hairstyles because of its dainty appearance when further beatified with floral. The ideal wedding day chignon gracefully hangs at the lower neck and enticingly reveals the back cuts of your wedding dress which presents a delectable look when you walk down the aisle. Flowers in hand and fitted fashionably in the hair, is surely the most appealing look of a bride.

Chignons have many variations among bridal hairstyles which include the addition of charm with bands and jeweled pins along with curly loose strands that softly graze your cheek while the tiara and veil brings all eyes towards your magnetizing hairstyle.

Bridal graceful Chignon
Bridal graceful Chignon

Curled Hairstyles – The backbone of Bridal hairstyles:

Curls are most definitely the first choice when bridal hairstyles come to mind, although it isn’t necessary  to go in the flow with clichés, but rather add your own bridal spice to it with the happening and trendy alterations.

  • Loose Fishtail Curls:

The trend that has gathered heat among bridal hairstyles is the very delicate hairstyle of curls fashioned in the look of a loose fishtail braid covered magnificently with flowers. This look is ideal for long hair and as the hair fantastically falls at the back, you need to opt for a dress that reveals a lower back cut and such that the veil doesn’t hide the tremendous hairdo.

Bridal Loose Fishtail Curls
Bridal Loose Fishtail Curls

Eastern Bridal Haircuts – An epitome of Tradition:

Eastern brides incorporate a traditional touch in their wedding ceremonies which have a completely different meaning when it comes to bridal hairstyles as the brides decorate their hairstyles with heavy sequenced dupattas gracefully draped at their heads.

Eastern bridal hairstyles
Eastern bridal hairstyles
  • Waterfall Braids and Bumps:

In order to keep the dupattas in place with hair bumps, brides look ever so charismatic with a messy waterfall braid decorated with a strand of flowers spiraled around it, and this is placed at the front shoulder side of the bride while the duppata and head ornaments including the traditional ‘tika’ bring emphasis to the stunning face of the bride.

Waterfall braids and bumps
Waterfall braids and bumps

Ladies, as the wedding bells are heard close by, here comes the season of weddings and with it, the eye catching and desirable bridal hairstyles that are not only a stunner to look at, but also bring together the entire appearance of the stunning bride in one dazzling, delicate piece.

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